10 Beautiful Curly Hairstyles with Straight Bangs

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Video Hairstyles with bangs for curly hair

Hairstyles with bangs for curly hair can be tiring and difficult to go on with, especially if you fancy curly hair with straight bangs maintaining any hairstyle that goes against the natural texture is like messing with your head.

Hairstyles with bangs look fashionable and chichi. With a little creativity, twist, and innovation, bangs can be a fun way to discover the right hairstyle for yourself. Whether short or long, curly or straight, bangs look impressive and superb. There is a world of difference between a hairstyle with bangs and the one without it.

How to Cut Bangs for Curly Hair

bangs for curly hair

Curly hair is more frizzy and brittle as compared to straight or wavy hair, hence, chaotic and wild. Cutting bangs for curly hair can be challenging, but with the right directions and precautions, you can easily achieve the perfect curly hairstyle with bangs.

Here’s how to cut bangs for curly hair.

  • The best hair cut you can ever get for a curly type is The DevaCut. The DevaCut is the method of cutting your hair when it’s dry, because cutting curly hair when wet can shrink your hair once it dries. While dry hair can help you see how each curl will fall and shape individually.
  • So, if you’re planning to cut your bangs, don’t wet or straighten your hair.
  • If you’ve never had bangs before, section the hair from the crown of your head. Use a wide-tooth comb for the accuracy of the haircut. With the comb, make a triangle while drawing the line on either side down to each temple. Go for the part that runs parallel to your hair.
  • If you wish to have thicker bangs, draw the part about 2-3 inches back from your hairline.
  • Pull the rest of your hair back and secure it in a ponytail. This helps to keep the hair away while you cut the bangs.
  • Don’t cut the bangs altogether. Instead, separate the middle strand of your bangs and cut the hair from the strand with sharp scissors facing upwards. Make sure you don’t stretch the strand, otherwise you’ll cut it too short. Repeat this procedure with the side strands.
  • When you’re done cutting the bangs, it’s time to gather all strands and check the length, if you want them shorter, trim just the bottom loops to avoid making them too short. Trim away the errant and style your bangs up as you normally would.

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How to Straighten Curly Bangs

How to Straighten Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are beautiful, but at times they can be a hassle as they require extra maintenance and care. If you want to style your curly bangs straight, follow this simple guide to know the secrets for making your curly bangs sleek and straight.

Choose The Right Shampoo: It is recommended to use a fortifying shampoo in order to straighten your curly hair. There are several products in the market that claim to be the best for curly hair. Add a fortifying shampoo to your daily routine and it will make it easy for you to straighten the curly bangs.

Separate The Bangs: Clip the rest of your hair back with a hairpin or elastic band to prevent them from getting in your way.

Toning The Hair: Curly hair is stubborn. You can apply any balm or other products to tone down the curls in your hair. The toner prevents the curls from reappearing.

Straighten The Curls: After all preps, you are now good to straighten the curls. Straightening iron is the easiest and safest to use for uncurling your bangs.

Amazing Straight Bang Ideas for Curly Hair

Here are 11 beautiful curly hairdos with straight bangs for women.

1. Blonde Curly Hair with Full Bangs

Long Blonde Curly Hair with Full Bangs

Long curls look extravagant. If you want to get straight bangs with curly hair, you can vouch for this hairstyle as full bangs highlight your eyes and give a stark contrast to your loose curls. Rock this hairstyle with a dark, smoky makeup for a ritzy twist.

2. Blunt Bangs

blunt cut straight bangs for curly hair

Blunt cut bangs serve the romantic and soft look for angular and rectangular faces and are great for people who are tired of the gaps in their fringes. These bangs are the effortless yet sophisticated style for women who want their curly hair to style with straight bangs.

3. Curly Shaggy Bangs

Curly Shag Cut with Messy Bangs

The shaggy hairstyle is the swanky hairstyle for women of all different ages. Shag cut is one hairstyle you reserve for grand events. A curly shaggy cut with messy bangs is an awesome duo and makes a hairstyle statement wherever you go.

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4. Curly Bob with Straight Bangs

Curly Bob with Straight Bangs

Short, curled bob with straight hair bangs is striking and divine. The coiffure seems daring and edgy with special emphasis on the eyes.

5. Curly A-line Bob with Baby Bangs

Curly A-line Bob with Straight Baby Bangs

Medium curly hairstyles are already fun to style, but the sleek and straight brow-skimming bangs on curly bob look absolutely whimsical and adorable.

6. Side Swept Bangs with Blonde Curls

curly hairstyles with straight bangs 9

This curly hairdo looks ethereal in parties and proms. Straight bangs swept to the side adds opulence to the hairstyle while the buoyant curls look rich and luscious.

7. Funky Long Bangs with Curls

long bangs for pink curly hair

Add a little color to your hair with this hairstyle. Unusual and bizarre hair colors look exceptionally regal with soft, long curls. If you have long hair with soft curls, sport this curls with straight and long bangs.

8. Curly High Ponytail with Bangs

curly hairstyles with straight bangs 10

Ponytails and perfect hairstyles are synonymous to each other. Ponytail with curly hair and straightened bangs are irresistible and attractive to pull off at any occasion.

9. Curly Princess Updo

Curly Updo with Straight Bangs

Updos are totally fun and doable for long hair. Straight bangs with curly hairstyles are a vision in princesses inspired updos. The hairstyle looks straight out of the fairytale especially in proms and weddings and adds grace and versatility to your look.

10. Side Ponytail with Thick Bangs

curly side ponytail with thick straight bangs

You can always wear a ponytail differently if the basic ponytail looks too dull or unappealing. Curly hair with straight bangs styles are to reckon with low messy ponytails. You can pull this hairstyle off with bold lips, nude eyes, and few funky accessories.

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