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Looking for the best Houston coffee shops to study or work out of to be productive? Check out our favorite coffee shops in Houston to get work done! Find local shops with plenty of plugs, delicious coffee, and the perfect atmosphere. Whether you’re studying for a final or have a deadline coming up at work, we have you covered!


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Upper Kirby || Daily 7am – 6pm

This has been my go-to Houston coffee shop for years. I love that there is no shortage of seating or plugs, that it’s a gorgeous trendy environment, and the coffee is solid! It’s like the best go-to no-fail option.Location & ParkingUpper Kirby in a Business Complex, Parking garage availableSeating & PlugsPlenty, smaller and larger tables with bar seating too, and plenty of plugsVibe & Noise LevelSocial, medium noise levels and good for workingFood & DrinksSandwiches and tacos available

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Greater Heights || Daily 7am – 10pm (5pm on Sundays)

Coolest thing about 2nd Cup is that it’s actually a non-profit with a mission against human trafficking! So your coffee sales help support their cause. Plus, the coffee is really good in general and the space is great for you to hunker down and get to work! And love the later hours.

Location & ParkingParking lot out back, so there is plenty of space

Seating & PlugsBuilt for working and studying out of, so plenty of smaller and larger tables and plugs

Noise Level & VibesQuieter, work focused environment

Food & DrinksLimited food menu available, so don’t plan to eat here

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The Coffee House Houston

The West End // 7am-6pm Monday – Wednesday + Friday, only 5:30pm on Thursday and 4pm on weekends

The Coffee House Houston at West End is a HUGGEEEE coffee space! It’s absolutely massive, which means endless seating options and plugs available. This is the space I go to if I dont want to fight for a chair, or if I need to meet with a group of people! PLUS it has a gorgeous rooftop you’ll absolutely love on a beautiful day.

Location & ParkingWest End of Houston, Parking Lot Available

Seating & PlugsPLENTY of seating available, but often pretty busy

Noise Level & VibesBoth, sections where people are quietly working and some areas where you can be more social

Food & DrinksMultiple coffee and espresso options, plus a full pastry menu

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    Urban Brew Houston

Urban Brew HTX

Midtown Houston // Daily 7am – 5pm but closes 3pm on Sunday

One of the CUTEST coffee shops you’ll find in Houston! Urban Bean is a new coffee shop in Houston just having opened in Spring of 2021, but already making favorites lists. It’s cozy cute interior and delicious crepes make it stand out from the rest of the coffee shop group!

Location + ParkingLocated in Midtown, small parking lot out back and free street parking

Seating & PlugsNot as many tables or plugs as some other coffee shops

Noise Level & VobesUsually some chatting people, not dead quiet for sure

Food & DrinksAbsolutely recommend their teas and crepes!

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Montrose || Daily 9am – 2am

Pretend you’re in Greece while you’re here. Known for their bottomless coffee and late hours especially. Two stories with plenty of tables on both levels! And when you’re ready to switch to beer, you can absolutely do that here. This reminds me of being in a library, but with wayyy more coffee!

Location & ParkingLocated in Montrose, Smaller Parking Lot available

Seating & PlugsPlenty, two stories with tables so you can usually find a spot with a plug

Noise Level & VibesBoth, sections where people are quietly working and some areas where you can be more social

Food & DrinksPastries available here, and a smaller menu

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Memorial Park || Daily 7am – 5pm

Known for their gourmet coffees, kolaches, croissants, and gluten free options! Definitely a solid option if you’re looking for something not in central Houston, and they have plenty of tables available to get work done at.

Location & ParkingFarther away from Central Houston in Memorial, Parking lot available, does get busy!

Seating & PlugsSmaller tables available, minimal access to plugs so maybe come charged

Noise Level & VibesQuieter environment, mostly people working

Food & DrinksSome pastries and snacks available, they’re known for their pastries and gluten free options here

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North Houston || Daily 7am – 10pm (Happy Hour Weekdays 4pm – 7pm)

What happens when the Houston coffee shops meet a beer garden basically. Louder noise levels for sure as it’s a social environment, but such a fun place to be if you want to transition from working to beer! Their outdoor patio is such a great spot as well!

Location & ParkingParking lot available

Seating & PlugsPlenty of indoor and outdoor seating with ample plugs inside

Noise Level & VibesSocial, louder noise levels especially in the evenings

Food & DrinksFood menu available here

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Montrose || Daily 7am – 5pm

A cult favorite of the Houston coffee shops for their incredible coffee. This is for the cult coffee lovers, with it’s laid back feel and latte art and delicious biscuits and breakfast menu. A great spot if you plan on getting a full day of work here. Also the coffee is reasonably priced!

Location & ParkingSmaller Parking Lot, usually have to go with street parking

Seating & PlugsPlenty, Various sized tables and bar seating and no shortage of plugs

Noise Level & VibesLouder noise levels, great for group work with people moving in and out

Food & DrinksBreakfast sandwiches and bisuits available (get their biscuits!)

  • Coffee Shops in Houston || Boomtown Coffee || agirlfromtx


Greater Heights || Daily 7am – 5pm

Just your classic coffee shop with high quality roasting! Try the Mayan mocha, milk and honey latte, and fried egg tacos to really make the most of your experience here. Otherwise, a solid spot to hunker down in a relaxed environment and get work done!

Location & ParkingA few spots in front, but otherwise rely on the street parking

Seating & PlugsFewer seating options, smaller tables mostly and usually plugs are taken

Noise Level & VibesLouder noise levels, social environment

Food & DrinksBreakfast sandwiches, tacos, and sides available

  • Coffee Shops in Houston || Common Bond Coffee House || agirlfromtx


Montrose || Daily 8am – 8pm

Definitely a more social spot, if you want to work before you meet with someone for lunch. But they’re known for their pastries and how great they are, so it’s a yummy spot to hang out at!

Location & ParkingParking lot, but it fills up fast

Seating & PlugsLimited, smaller tables and bar seating especially. Plugs are mostly by the walls and bar seating, so not as much

Noise Level & VibesSocial, louder noise levels and more talking

Food & DrinksKnown for their delicious pastries, with a lunch and breakfast menu available too

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Montrose || Daily 6:30am – 5pm

Definitely more of an artist community vibe out of all of these. It’s a great place to hunker down and get work down, with tons of people working around you. I love that it’s more cozy and full of color, but with killer lattes. I would recommend the honey badger for sure!

Location & ParkingParking lot available

Seating & PlugsSmaller tables mostly, with plenty of plugs inside

Noise Level & VibesQuieter environment, mostly people working and studying

Food & DrinksMinimal food available

  • Coffee Shops in Houston || Throughgood Coffee || agirlfromtx


Greater Heights || Daily 6:30am – 6pm

Definitely more on low key side of things! A comfortable spot to hunker down with a laptop, and I love their outdoor dog friendly patio too.

Location & ParkingSmaller parking lots available

Seating & PlugsLimited inside seating, plenty of patio seating, plugs inside too

Noise Level & VibesSocial, louder noise levels outside

Food & DrinksFood truck available outside

  • Coffee Shops in Houston || Tout Suite Coffee || agirlfromtx


Downtown Houston || Weekdays 7am – 12am, Weekends 10am – 12am

A great instagram worthy study location. Plenty of table and seats to get work down, and in a gorgeous airy modern environment. Plus, big fan of the dessert menu for some sweets while you work! And that you have two levels of seating, so finding a spot is so much easier.

Location & ParkingSmaller parking lots available, otherwise street parking

Seating & PlugsPlenty, Smaller and Larger Tables and plugs everywhere

Noise Level & VibesSocial, Good for Individual or Group Work

Food & DrinksDessert menu featuring pastries, macarons, toasts, and more

  • Coffee Shops in Houston || Wonderland Cafe || agirlfromtx
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Spring Branch | Daily 10am – 10pm

This place is newer and definitely more insta-friendly, but it’s already on the list! Everyone loves their extensive menu and all the greenery inside the coffee shop. Definitely a bright and fun place to get work done, plus it’s far from the Houston traffic!

Location & ParkingParking lot available, no shortage of spots

Seating & PlugsPlenty, small and larger plus bar seating and lots of plugs

Noise Level & VibesSocial, medium noise levels

Food & DrinksCoffee only, didn’t see any snacks available

  • Coffee Shops in Houston || Honey Art Cafe || agirlfromtx


Montrose || Hours Vary Heavily (Closed Monday and Sunday)

One of the cutest and prettiest Houston coffee shops I have ever seen! I love the colorful walls and desserts, definitely will keep your spirits up. It’s not a TON of space, but usually you can find a spot. Only complaint is the confusing hours they have. FUN FACT they also offer art classes there!

Location & ParkingStreet parking only

Seating & PlugsLarger and smaller tables available, not a ton though. Plugs everywhere though.

Noise Level & VibesMedium noise levels, usually quieter though

Food & DrinksKnown for their delicious desserts!

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Chinatown || Daily 8am – 11pm

This spot is insanely cute, and makes me want to work all day. Not only that, but I love that their hours go so much later, so you can do some late night cramming need be! Additionally, they’re known for their boba if you’re going for something other than coffee during your work session.

Location & ParkingLimited parking available

Seating & PlugsPlenty of smaller and larger tables, and plugs too

Noise Level & VibesSocial, medium noise levels

Food & DrinksKnown for their boba!

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Katy, Texas || Daily 8am – 6pm

Firstly, note this is in Katy and not directly in Houston! Second, this looks like you’re walking into the most expensive coffee shop ever. It’s all white marble and florals, so I love going here when I am doing blog work because I feel very modern. Otherwise, it’s absolutely worth coming for their desserts and pastries!

Location & ParkingPlenty of parking available

Seating & PlugsPlenty of smaller and larger tables available, but not a tonnnnn of plugs

Noise Level & VibesQuieter, medium nosie levels

Food & DrinksKnown for their delicious pastries

Thanks for reading about our favorite Houston coffee shops! If you have more you think should be on the list, comment below and let us know so we can check them out!


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