22 white nail designs youll definitely like

Below is a list of the best White and gold nails design public topics compiled and compiled by our team

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White nail designs aren’t our go-to. You’ll usually find us diving nails first into the hot pink polish.

But sometimes, white nail designs surprise us (in a good way).

In fact, we’ve managed to put together a list of 22 times white nail designs have pleasantly shocked us. Take a look and let us know what your favorite design is.

1. White swirls

White nail designs can be funky, too. These claws prove it.

Recreate This Look: Milky White + Pure White

2. Wish upon a star

Why stop at white acrylic when you can have glitter, too?

Recreate This Look: Etiquette First + Milky White

3. Textured art

Whether you want to paint on noses and lips or stars and hearts, textured white nails are absolutely stunning.

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4. Wavy, baby

We’re busting out the white gel polish and getting wavy, baby. Care to join?

5. Flipped reverse french

Nude and white, black and white, pink and white — this look would be amazing with any color combo.

6. Textured swerves

You know we love texture, and you know we love swerves. Put the two together, and you have us hooked.

7. Hidden faces

Not only do we love this art-inspired, textured white nail design — but we’re also digging the random gold accents.

Recreate This Look: Pure White + 24k + Milky White

8. White on white cow print

We’re fans of cow print nails in any color — white, pink, rainbow, green, whatever.

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9. 3d white flowers

First off, this white to nude ombre is perfect. Second off, those 3d flowers are also perfect. That makes this white nail design doubly perfect.

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10. Barely there white outlines

We’re going to skip the traditional French tips for now. We’re good here.

11. Halfway frenchies

Trust us — the whole French tip is not necessary.

12. Negative space frenchies

You don’t need to do a lot to your design to create something special.

Recreate This Look: The Perfect Nude + Pure White

13. V tips

We couldn’t share a list of white nail designs with you and not mention classic white v tips.

Recreate This Look: Bare With Me + Pure White

14. White and gold

White and gold is one of our favorite color combos. It’s sophisticated and looks absolutely glamorous.

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15. White box tips

Simple and stunning. What more could you ask for?

Get The White: Snow Bunny

16. White and gold swerves

The longer, the better. Especially when we’re working with gold and white nails.

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17. Classic ombre

Here’s another classic white to nude ombre, but with some beautiful butterflies to go with it.

18. Abstract white nails

A few strategically placed swerves and you got yourself some abstract nails. Congrats.

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19. Black and white and negative space

There are endless ways to play with negative space, and black polish is the perfect way to enhance your design.

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20. Winter blowout

A winter storm — but make it nails.

21. White clouds

Perfectly painted white clouds on a perfect nude base. Stunning.

Recreate This Look: Nude Swings + Pure White

22. Milky white

Is this a cup of milk or a set of milky white nails? We can’t tell.

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