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Maybe try a low arena version of log bait? If you didn’t know, the idea is that your waiting for the opponent to use their goblin barrel counter, and then immediately follow up with a goblin barrel in response.

Try this: Inferno Tower, Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Knight, Fireball, Barbarian Barrel, Fire spirit, and Archers.

Role of each card:

Inferno Tower: Your defensive building. When the opponent plays a tank like Pekka, this is your main defensive against it. And don’t be afraid to use it on a hog rider despite the negative elixir trade, as the inferno tower should have plenty of hp left if you placed it in the center quickly.

Goblin Barrel: This is your main win condition (how you destroy their tower). First, you’ll need to find out their Goblin barrel counters. In the beginning, it’s ok to play it just to see what they have. In Arena 4, they’ll probably have arrows or barbarian barrel. If they don’t, that means they don’t have a good answer to Goblin barrel, so your chance of winning is really high. After finding out their counter, you’ll play Goblin barrel right after they use it, unless you are in immediate danger and need to defend. Also, if they have barbarian barrel, one thing you can do is throw the Goblin Barrel to the side slightly. You can also throw it far back to dodge their arrows, but any decent player will notice how far back it’s flying. But barbarian barrel is very narrow so it’s a lot easier for them to mess up. Even 1 tiles to far to the side, and you could get maybe 2 stabs in.

Skeleton Army: The main card that baits out the counter. In classic log bait, it’s goblin gang, but this is a low arena version. Skarmy is great for defense, and if they use their counter (arrows/barbarian barrel) on it, send the goblin barrel in for easy damage.

Knight: Your mini tank, mainly for defense. If your knight survives a defense, you could send in a goblin barrel after he gets targetted by the Princess tower, so he tanks for the goblins. If your defending against a Valkyrie or troop similar to it, place Knight in the center. If it’s a ranged troop, place them on top. And if it’s an air troop, try kiting them by placing Knight on the center, but 1 tile to the other side. (Works great against low damage air tanks like Baby Dragon)

Fireball: This is your 2nd win condition. In classic log bait, it’s rocket but rocket isn’t unlocked yet of course. If the opponent has both arrows and barbarian barrel, or are playing very well, then this is your other option of getting damage on their tower. Try to hit something else next to the tower as well for maximum value.

Barbarian Barrel: (In classic log bait, this is The Log) Barbarian Barrel is your response to other Goblin barrels, since Goblin Barrel is pretty popular in Arena 4. It also works well to take out swarms, and you can even counter cards like Witch or Wizard if you time it right. (For Witch, you’ll want it to crush her skeleton and then the barbarian will target her.)

Fire Spirit: (In classic log bait, this is Ice Spirit.) Fire spirit can take out swarms, like minions, skeleton army, etc. for a cheap cost. It is also a good card for cycling to your fireball and goblin barrel.

Archers: (In classic log bait, this is Princess) Archers can bait out arrows and barbarian barrel pretty well, so they have a similar role to Skeleton army of allowing your Goblin barrel to go through. They are also your ranged and air targeting unit. Normally, splitting archers is good, but you should try to keep them together so the opponent is more tempted to use their counter on it.

This deck has good defense, and most Arena 4 players have no clue what is going on, which gives this deck an edge in lower Arenas. Just make sure not to overcommit, and use your elixir wisely. Overcommitting can cost you the game, since this deck is played in a way where your basically just playing defense, other than with the occasional Goblin Barrel (Or in some cases the fireball) and maybe archers or something just to pressure if they aren’t playing anything. I would definitely recommend you try it! And good luck escaping Arena 4, you can do it!

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