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He mentioned that was a “smooth” night. However they aren’t at all times so clean, and at outside venues like Pink Rocks, he usually has to work towards temperature, wind, humidity and altitude.

“They all affect [the sound] differently,” he mentioned. Though, a little bit rain isn’t essentially a foul factor.

“The moisture in the air actually helps carry the sound… whereas the wind may be taking that away,” Torri mentioned. “I did a show in Aspen years ago outside where it started to snow in the show and I don’t know that it’s ever sounded better.”

The steep incline can also be a problem, for each the sound and concertgoers strolling in. Torri mentioned he would possibly rig the audio system with a slight tilt “to get up the hill and be powerful coming up the hill.”

Red Rocks Seating Advice: Is There A Perfect Seat For The Best Sound?
Nick Stocchero exhibits the place he sat for a Pink Rocks live performance final Might.

Torri does a sound test regardless of the place the band performs to arrange for as many eventualities as potential. Pink noise, which “has equal energy per octave,” helps him determine which frequencies are being boosted or diminished by the venue’s acoustics. From there, he can equalize the general combine that will probably be despatched to the audio system that night time.

He’ll do all this work forward of time, however he may make changes all through the present.

“One of the things of live sound is it’s over in a moment. You don’t get to hit rewind, you deal with the situation and keep moving.”

A packed Pink Rocks can also be a lift. All of these our bodies can “actually help the sound.” Though, soundcheck didn’t occur with the screaming hordes within the stands.

“And so the reflective surfaces of the stairs of the seats is bouncing back at you as opposed to during the concert where all the people are soaking up the sound,” Torri mentioned. “They may be yelling and screaming and adding their own noise level to the show. But they’re also soaking up the sound and creating a different environment.”

Red Rocks Seating Advice: Is There A Perfect Seat For The Best Sound?
Nick Stocchero, CPR manufacturing editor Shane Rumsey, and sound engineer Andy Torri wait in silence as Rumsey data ambient sound at Pink Rocks Amphitheatre on Sept. 5, 2019.

So, is there a finest place to take a seat? Torri likes to take a seat up shut, about row 17. However it’s additionally very subjective, and one of the best seats will probably be totally different for everybody. In case you like your music loud, then you definately’ll be happier down in entrance, he mentioned. If not, then “move higher up the hill where it’s not quite so powerful.”

“You can move left to right and it can change,” Torri mentioned. “So really move around and find your spot. Every venue is different. Every concert is different.”

Stocchero involves lots of Pink Rocks present, about 10 each summer time he mentioned. However now, with this new intel on the place to take a seat, he felt “like I am a more educated Red Rocks concert goer” with a deeper appreciation for what’s happening within the sound sales space — even when the sound isn’t good.

“I would come back here if no one was engineering the sound and they were just playing it out of an iPod,” he mentioned. “Whether it’s a concert or not, there’s something special about this place.”

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