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The best slip lead for you is an easy and effective way to walk and train your dog that looks stylish and is nearly escape-proof.

It is important to choose a slip leash that is strong and comfortable enough for your dog. You also need to make sure that the leash is comfortable for you.

Most dogs benefit from limited slip leads, which tend to be safer, but in some situations, a classic slip lead may be a better choice.

Here are the best slip leads on the market and information about how to choose the right one for you and your dog.

5 Top-Rated Dog Slip Leads

Brand NameEditor’s PickOur Rating iYoShop 6FT Durable Slip Dog Rope LeashBest limited-slip lead5.0/5 Grand Line Reflective Dog Training LeashBest slip lead for smaller dogs4.8/5 Friends Forever Slip Leashes for DogsBest durable slip leash 4.5/5 Mendota British-style Dog Slip LeadBest for moving lots of dogs4.3/5 Wellbro Real Leather Slip Dog LeashBest stylish leash for well-behaved dogs4.0/5

Reviews of Best Slip Leads

1. iYoShop 6FT Extremely Durable Slip Dog Rope Training Leash

This is an excellent limited-slip lead for all-around training and walking.

(5 / 5)

Best Limited-Slip Lead

This is an excellent slip lead for training your dog not to pull. It loosens when your dog doesn’t pull, thanks to the generous size of the slip ring. It tightens as quickly as your dog pulls for security and correction. When adjusted properly, it will not allow your dog to pull their head out but it also won’t choke your dog.

Your dog will learn that pulling causes a lot of pressure while not pulling is very loose and comfortable, which helps to train your dog how to walk nicely on the leash.

Furthermore, this leash has great features like a well-padded handle, reflective stitching, and a ring for poop bags.

Key Features

  • Sturdy inner metal stopper to prevent choking
  • The outer stopper keeps the leash from loosening when your dog isn’t pulling
  • Padded handle for your comfort
  • Comes in three stylish colors
  • 6 feet long and ½ thick
  • Made of high-density nylon rope
  • Money-back guarantee

Why We Like It -This limited-slip lead offers a virtually escape-proof leash that is extremely easy for you to put on and take off. It won’t let your dog choke and prevents damage to the delicate neck thanks to the sturdy slip stopper.

2. Grand Line Reflective Rope Slip Training Lead Pets Leash

This is the perfect stylish limited-slip lead for smaller dogs

(4.8 / 5)

Best Slip Lead For Smaller Dogs

If you’re looking for a sleek, good-looking limited-slip lead for your smaller dog, this is a perfect choice. Choose between ¼ in, ⅖ in, and ⅗ in width for the perfect thickness for your pup.

The limited-slip design keeps this leash from tightening too far on your dog’s neck. A sturdy stopper keeps it from loosening too much.

This leash comes in a range of attractive colors, each with stylish leather binding. Reflective stitching makes it visible in low-light conditions.

Key Features

  • Limited-slip lead is safer for your little dog’s neck
  • Strong, flexible nylon
  • Choose between ¼ in, ⅖ in, and ⅗ in width

Why We Like It -This is a stylish limited-slip lead that works great for smaller dogs or dogs who don’t pull hard. It won’t allow your dog to choke or slip out and encourages your dog not to pull, all while looking very stylish.

3. Friends Forever Extremely Durable Dog Slip Rope Leash, Premium Quality Mountain Climbing Rope Lead

Here is a strong slip lead that is extremely durable and comfortable to grip along the entire length.

(4.5 / 5)

Best Durable Slip Leash

This is a great rope slip lead for you if you want a sturdy, stylish leash that offers a comfortable grip all the way along the leash. It is the best slip lead for dogs who you may need to hold closer. The comfortable grip is essential for strong dogs.

A tribal pattern and bright colors paired with leather binding make this leash look very stylish.

Heavy-duty mountain climbing rope is durable but lightweight. A stopper keeps this leash from loosening too much on your dog’s neck.

Key Features

  • Mountain climbing grade rope ½ in thick
  • Stopper to keep the leash from loosening too much
  • Stylish tribal pattern in a range of colors

Why We Like It – The sturdy mountain climbing grade rope is comfortable to grip along the entire length of the leash. It is very easy to put the leash on and take it off, thanks to the stiff loop of the material.

4. Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead

If you need to move lots of dogs, you’ll love this classic slip lead that comes in lots of different colors, lengths, and widths

(4.3 / 5)

Best For Moving Lots Of Dogs

This classic leash comes in a wide variety of colors, lengths, and widths, so you can choose the perfect leash for your needs. The material is strong enough that even a ⅜ in leash can hold up to a 50 pound dog.

A leather stopper keeps the leash from loosening too much and looks stylish with the leather binding. The material is soft on your hands so you can hold it along the length fairly comfortably, although thinner widths may be less easy to hold.

These leashes are handmade in the US, so you can feel good about purchasing them for your dog.

Key Features

  • Wide range of colors and designs to choose from
  • ½ or ⅜ in option in widths
  • Leather stopper to keep the leash from loosening

Why We Like It – Mendota has been a well-known name in slip leads for many years. They make a wide variety of colors, lengths, and widths, all of a sturdy, soft polypropylene rope that is comfortable to grip along the entire length, making it ideal for moving lots of dogs.

5. Wellbro Real Leather Slip Dog Leash

This is a classic, stylish leather leash to show off and control your dog safely

(4 / 5)

Best Stylish Leash For Well-Behaved Dogs

If you want a limited-slip lead that has abundant good style without detracting from the look of your dog, this beautiful leather leash may be perfect for you.

The slim slip lead has an elegant profile, but is still strong enough to control your dog. A single piece of thin, soft leather is light for comfortable walks but quite strong and very pliable.

Two stoppers keep it from getting too tight or too loose on your dog’s neck.

Key Features

  • Constructed of a single piece of thin, soft leather
  • Two leather stoppers to keep the leash from getting too tight or loose
  • Sturdy steel O ring

Why We Like It – This attractive leather slip leash is sure to impress on a walk, but it is also very easy to get on and off. Stoppers on both sides of the slip ring keep this leash from tightening too much on your dog’s neck or falling off, which makes it safe and comfortable as well as stylish.

Other 10 Slip Leads for Dogs

The leashes above will meet the needs of most people and their dogs well, but some people may need other features in their slip lead.

Here are some other slip leads worth mentioning that offer some unique features.

Slip leashes for big, powerful dogs

BAAPET 6 Feet Slip Lead Dog Leash Anti-Choking

When you need a limited-slip lead that is as strong and comfortable as possible for walking powerful dogs, this is a good choice.

The handle is padded with a thick soft material so your hand won’t be sore even if your dog pulls very hard.

Heavy-duty rock climbing rope will hold up to even the most determined dogs.

Coolrunner Durable Dog Slip Rope Leash

Here is a good-looking limited-slip leash that can hold up to dogs as big as 80 pounds with no problem.

The leather bindings and range of colors make this a very attractive leash. Stoppers keep the leash from tightening or loosening too much.

Reflective material stitched into the rope and bright colors during the day make this a safe, visible leash.

Slip lead harness and halter

Harness Lead Escape Resistant, Reduce Pull, Dog Harness

This harness lead is designed to keep your dog from pulling and offers you a lot of the convenience of a slip lead without putting pressure on your dog’s neck.

If you are concerned about your dog injuring their neck when they pull, this slip lead harness is ideal for you.

Because of the way in which this harness tightens, it will be able to resist the escape attempts of most dogs.

Dog & Field Figure 8 Anti Pull Leash

Head halters are a great alternative to slip leads for dogs who are very powerful or pull intensely.

This head halter slip lead fits around your dog’s head to control them in the way a halter can control a horse.

These halters may put less pressure on the neck than traditional slip leads and may be more effective than harnesses.

Leather slip leads

Wellbro Real Leather Slip Lead Dog Leash, Adjustable Stitched Pet Slip Leads with Slider

This is a sturdy leather slip lead that will look very stylish on your dog and is easy for you to use and hold as well.

The thick, sturdy leather is comfortable on your hands and on your dog’s neck.

A single piece of flat, soft, real leather has reinforced stitches for increased durability.

CollarDirect Rolled Leather Slip Lead

Rolled leather has some distinct advantages, such as being gentler on the hands no matter which angle you hold it at.

This rolled leather lead is made to very high quality at an affordable price, and comes in a range of fun colors.

Gun dog slip leads

Lynxking Dog Leash Slip Rope Lead Leash Strong Heavy Duty Braided Rope

You need a leash for training your gun dog that is simple, comfortable, and functional.

This leash is designed to collapse so that it can easily fit into your pocket when you are working with your dog off leash.

It is comfortable on your hands and your dog’s neck, thanks to the soft material.

Mighty Paw Slip Rope Dog Leash

If you want a sturdy leash for training your gun dog, this sturdy and weather-resistant leash by Mighty Paw might be just what you need.

The weather resistant fabric and bindings are perfect for dogs who hunt in inclement weather.

The sturdy fabric makes it easy to loop this leash around your dog’s neck.

Affordable dog slip leads

6 Foot Slip Lead, Slip Leads

Slip leads are the ideal choice for veterinarians and kennels of all types. These affordable slip leads are easy to sanitize and use.

They come in a range of colors which can be convenient for color-coding. The sturdy material can hold up to most dogs.

Durable Braided Poly Dog Slip Leads

These braided leads are very affordable, but much more stylish than competition.

If you need a lot of functional leads for your kennel or shelter but want to look stylish, these leads are a good choice.

Slip Leash Training

A slip leash can be a valuable tool for teaching your dog to walk without pulling and training commands, but you need to be careful to use this tool appropriately.

  1. Choose the right slip lead for your dog. Dogs who pull a lot need a limited-slip lead and bigger dogs need wider leads.
  2. Fit the slip lead and adjust the stopper(s). If there is an inner stopper, it should stop the leash just tightly enough to keep it from slipping over your dog’s head but not so tightly that the leash doesn’t meet the stopper when the leash is as tight as possible. The outer stopper should stop the leash from slipping off your dog’s head when the leash is slack.
  3. Give your dog exercise before training. You can’t expect your dog to have the self-control to walk without pulling or listen to commands until they have had some exercise to get the wild energy out. Running on lead or free play in an open space are both good options.
  4. Stop or change direction if your dog pulls or misbehaves. Whenever your dog pulls or if they are overly reactive to anything, stop or change direction. Your dog will tend to stop pulling and follow you. Ask for commands like “sit” or “stay” to increase self-control and work in obedience training.
  5. Reward your dog. Make sure that your dog knows what you want by rewarding with praise and treats or toys when they walk well and obey commands.

Why It’s Essential To Never Allow Pulling

Pulling on any neck lead can put pressure on your dog’s delicate throat and neck and cause injury to the back, so it is essential to train your dog to walk without pulling.

When To Use A Harness Slip Lead

If your dog shouldn’t wear a neck lead because they have a collapsing trachea, are a brachycephalic breed, or you are having trouble training to walk without pulling, a harness slip lead is a good idea.

These harnesses are as escape proof as a slip lead and they are a good training tool, but they don’t put pressure on your dog’s throat.

Why We Recommend A Limited-Slip Lead

Limited slip leads have nearly all of the advantages of regular slip leads, such as:

  • Prevent escape
  • Easy to put on
  • Good for training

However, unlike regular slip leads, they prevent the leash from tightening too much and choking your dog. The only disadvantage of these leads is that if the inner stopper isn’t adjusted properly, dogs may be able to pull out of a limited-slip lead, which wouldn’t happen with a traditional lead.

This can be a problem when you are moving multiple dogs and need to adjust the leash frequently. However, if they are used correctly, these leads are usually a better choice than traditional slip leads.

Important Features In Slip Leads

  • Comfort for you. You’ll be holding the leash a lot, and if your dog pulls, you may be facing some pressure. Make sure that the handle is padded if you mostly hold the leash from the handle. Be sure that the length of the slip leash is comfortable if you often hold it by the main part of the leash.
  • Safety for your dog. You need to be sure that the slip lead that you are considering is strong enough to hold your dog, gentle on the neck, and escape-proof.
  • Style. Why not look good while you’re walking your dog? It’s worth choosing a stylish leash, especially when there are so many color and style variations to choose from.
  • Good for moving lots of dogs. If you work in a kennel or volunteer at a shelter, you need a leash that can easily adjust to fit lots of dogs easily.
  • Durability. Dogs put leashes through a lot. Make sure that the leash you choose can hold up to your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Final Thoughts

The best slip leads for your dog will give you a lot of control and convenience, all in a leash that is safe and comfortable for you and your dog.

These leashes resist escape but they are extremely easy to put on.

Consider your dog’s needs and choose a slip lead that works well for you.

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