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So the winner of the pulled pork derby? Dealer Joe’s ($4.99 for 16 ounces), with its “sweet, smoky and spicy” “shredded” pork. Panelists preferred the “fresh tomato” taste of the “juicy,” “tender” pork, even when one taster thought it was “a bit dry.” Three would purchase and two would possibly.

Second place went to Kirkland ($10.99 for 32 ounces at Costco). Not a lot pulled pork as a “no sauce” “cured” pork that “looks and tastes like ham,” tasters mentioned this product nonetheless had “good pork flavor and a moist texture.” Whereas including “the right sauce is important,” the “very smoky” meat was usually satisfying. Two would purchase and three would possibly.

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The remainder of the pulled pork choices had been principally a flop.

Tony Roma’s ($8.99 for 16 ounces at Safeway) got here in third. Whereas a couple of tasters preferred the “nicely spiced, smoky” taste, others discovered the pork “strongly dominated by molasses” and “burnt tasting.” And never solely was the meat “not shredded enough,” it was additionally “mushy” and “cottony.” Two would possibly purchase, however three wouldn’t.

Fourth-place Jack Daniel’s ($8.99 for 16 ounces at Safeway) did not impress, both. “Very sweet, with mushy” “tasteless” pork, this sauce tasted extra like “a slightly peppery soy sauce” than a barbecue sauce. None would purchase this model.

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Fifth-place Lloyd’s ($7.99 for 18 ounces at Safeway) was palatable to only one taster, who discovered a “nice tang” to the “spicy tomato sauce.” The remainder took subject with the “chopped pork” drowning in an excessive amount of “artificial” sauce. Whereas one would possibly purchase, the opposite 4 wouldn’t.

In the meantime, expensive Niman Ranch ($11.99 for 16 ounces at Andronico’s) may be the selection for the all-natural, no-nitrate crowd, however our tasters discovered the meat “stringy” and “very dry,” and the sauce “meekly flavored.” None would purchase.

Janny Hu is a San Francisco Chronicle employees author. To search for previous Taster’s Selection columns, search on-line at E-mail: Twitter: @janny_hu

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