Best way to cut stainless steel


What You’ll Want

Chrome steel is available in many various types from sheets to bars to tubes and every little thing in between. Most frequently, the thickness of the metallic is referred to by gauge. Relying on how thick the metal you’re working with is, you’re going to wish one in every of these three instruments:

  • Tin snips (for skinny sheets)
  • Energy shears (for thicker sheets)
  • Round noticed with metallic chopping blade or lower off wheel
  • Angle grinder w/ metallic lower off wheel (for thicker sheets or tubes)
  • Plasma cutter (for very thick sheets, bars or stable tubes)

You’ll additionally want the next, no matter which technique you select to chop the metal:

  • Security goggles (a full face defend is even higher)
  • Work gloves
  • Workbench
  • Steel file
  • Tape Measure
  • Marker

Step I: Getting ready Your Workspace

No matter the way you’ll be chopping the metallic, you’ll want to arrange your workspace. A pleasant sturdy workbench or noticed horses shall be obligatory for this undertaking.

For those who’re going to be utilizing a noticed, grinder, or plasma cutter, it’s finest to work outdoors. In any other case, be sure you take away something flammable from the world, as sparks are going to be flying as you narrow.

Step II: Measuring For the Lower

Use your tape measure to get an correct measurement for the world that you must lower. Use your marker to mark off the place that you must lower. For those who’re going to be chopping a straight line, use a ruler or sq. to get a wonderfully straight line.

Step III: Chopping the Metal

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When you’ve arrange your workspace and measured and marked on your lower, it is time to choose a instrument for the job.

For those who’re chopping via skinny stainless sheets, tin snips are your only option. Thicker sheets would require energy shears, a round noticed or an angle grinder. You can too use a round noticed for stainless tubing. For actually heavy responsibility metal, a plasma cutter is your only option.

Utilizing Tin Snips

For those who’re working with skinny metal, a pair of tin snips will make fast work of the job. Use the tin snips as you’d a pair of scissors and slowly work your manner via the fabric, ensuring to not lower your self on the sting you’ve created.

Utilizing Energy Shears

Energy shears work so much just like the tin snips, besides they’ve a motor. These shears will chomp out a skinny strip of metallic from the center of the lower. To chop stainless with energy shears, place the metal into the jaws of the facility shears, squeeze the set off, and slowly work your manner via the fabric till you’ve accomplished your lower.

Utilizing a Round Noticed

A round noticed can come in useful for chopping via items of metal too thick for tin snips or energy shears. Crucial factor to recollect is that you simply’ll want a correct metallic chopping blade.

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Earlier than you start chopping, be sure you’re taking correct security precautions. Whether or not you’re utilizing a noticed, grinder, or plasma cutter to chop, you’ll have to put on security goggles (or a full face defend) and heavy-duty gloves. Carrying lengthy sleeves and pants may even assist stop you from getting any metallic splinters.

When you’re ready, flip the noticed on and permit it to succeed in full RPM earlier than you start chopping. Then, decrease the noticed to the floor and permit the noticed to slowly work via the fabric till you’ve accomplished your lower.

Utilizing an Angle Grinder

With an angle grinder, the identical rules you’d apply with the round noticed are in place.

At all times be sure you’re sporting security gear. Permit the instrument to succeed in full RPM earlier than starting your lower and slowly work your manner via the metallic.

Utilizing a Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter is a helpful chopping instrument that may make fast work out of any metallic, together with stainless. For thinner materials, a plasma cutter could also be overkill. However, for thick items of stainless, it’s your only option.

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First, you’ll want to arrange the plasma cutter. Join the plasma cutter to your air compressor and activate the air. Subsequent, set the present for the plasma cutter. The thicker the metallic, the upper you’ll set the present. For 18-20-gauge sheet, set the present round 25. Connect the bottom clamp to the sting of your materials.

Now, you’re prepared to start chopping. Flip the machine on and produce the deal with of the torch near your work floor. Depress the set off, and also you’re prepared to start chopping. Transfer slowly and intentionally, and do your finest to maintain a gradual hand as you hint your line.

When you’re completed, shut the plasma cutter off, then disconnect the air and floor clamp and roll up your hoses.

Step IV: Clear Up Your Edge

When you’ve completed chopping, you’re going to be left with a reasonably nasty edge alongside any of the edges you narrow. To really end the job, use a file or deburrer to take away the tough edge out of your materials.

Last Phrase

Studying the best way to lower stainless-steel is simpler than it seems at first look. Relying on the fabric you’re utilizing, you’ll be capable of lower it utilizing both tin snips, energy shears, a round noticed, angle grinder or plasma torch.

Whatever the technique you’re utilizing, be sure you work slowly and safely to finish your undertaking.

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