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Agent Phoebe Donnegan has been working to take down the Good Women since final season, and on Sunday’s episode, somebody lastly took the autumn.

A promising new enterprise alternative for Boland Bubbles turned out to be a sham arrange by the Feds, with Dave, Phoebe’s boss, going undercover in hope of sneaking a take a look at the enterprise’ books. Regardless of Phoebe’s incessant objections, it wasn’t Beth who hitched a a method trip to jail. Reasonably, the high-ranking brokers solely had eyes for Dean, and as Episode 2 got here to a detailed, he grew to become the women’ unintended fall man. However what occurred throughout Beth’s dinner with Fitzpatrick, and who made a shocking drop-by to the Hill family? Let’s recap from the highest.

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We open with Rio dealing with police questioning over the invention of Lucy’s physique, however as all the time, the gangster is cool, calm and picked up. He’s armed and prepared with a pretend alibi, and manages to stroll out of the holding room unscathed… for now.

Beth reveals Annie and Ruby the earrings their favourite hitman gifted her, and asks them for recommendation on what to do with the date proposition. “Maybe it’s just dinner?” Beth asks, to which Ruby quips: “…if they’re serving vagina!”

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Dean interrupts their chat to inform Beth that Large Kahuna, a big model of spas, desires to satisfy with them. He’s all smiles, as he explains what an enormous alternative that is for the recent tub retailer. (Uhh, Dean? It’s a entice!)

Naturally, the Large Kahuna head honcho seems to be Dave undercover, and he desires to evaluate the corporate’s books earlier than he makes his “big business decision.” Beth awkwardly tries to stall earlier than Dave lures Dean away with flattering compliments and guarantees of booze.

Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2The Hills are stunned when Sara’s donor household reveals up for an additional surprising go to. Carl and Jenny have determined to maneuver to Detroit, which instantly places Ruby and Stan on excessive alert. The couple is worried the donor household goes to shake them dry, particularly for the reason that drop-bys don’t appear to be stopping any time quickly. After Stan invitations them to dinner once more, their visitors deliver up the subject of cash. They wish to arrange a monetary association, however earlier than they will end, Ruby bites Carl’s head off. “Your life is not our fault. We don’t owe you a thing!” She understandably pops off, solely to really feel sheepish as soon as the household gives them $87. Their precise intent is to arrange a cost plan to pay the Hills again for the automobile they gifted them. Awkward!

With Beth stalling on the books sitch, Dean grows cautious that she could also be making an attempt to cover one thing… particularly after she unexpectedly fills their dwelling with new furnishings. When Beth brings out the trash, Rio’s ready exterior. He forces her to surrender the enterprise’ routing quantity so he can transfer round some funds. At all times shady, that one.

In the meantime, Dave and Dean hit a bar, and after copious rounds of pictures, Dean secures the account (or so he thinks). However, he reveals that he straight up gave Dave their books. “We’re in the Kahuna family,” he tells Beth, who’s all kinds of shook by this information.

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At dinner, Fitzpatrick woos Beth with wine and radish experience (bizarre flex, however OK), but Beth continues to be confused as to why he can’t simply get the job finished. When Beth’s salmon comes out uncommon, Fitzpatrick takes it into the restaurant’s kitchen and busts open the prepare dinner’s face (as a result of that’s toootally the rational factor to do). In the meantime, Phoebe is seen digging via the Boland’s trash.

A background test Stan ran on the donor household reveals that not solely is their file squeaky clear, however they’re not even the best donors. The automobile accident that took their daughter’s life occurred a day after Sara obtained her organ transplant. When Stan asks if Ruby goes to name to allow them to know, she asks, “Haven’t they lost enough?”

Phoebe reveals her trash treasure to Dave: It’s dryer lint blended with starch, linen and cotton. “She literally launders her money at home in her dryer,” she says. However her findings nonetheless aren’t sufficient for the Feds. In the course of the night time, there’s a stern set of knocks on the Bolands’ door. It’s the Feds. “I’m sorry,” Beth says to Dean, stepping ahead to just accept her destiny. However they aren’t there for Beth. “Mr. Boland, you’re under arrest,” a cop says, placing Dean-o in cuffs.

“You’ve got the wrong person,” Phoebe repeats to Dave, however her remark as soon as once more falls on deaf ears.

Shocked Dean went down for the women’ operation? Will Fitzpatrick ever end the hit? Inform us your ideas within the Feedback!

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