How long do crest white strips last


Do Crest Whitestrips work? The quick reply is sure, however the full reply is rather more nuanced and may even rely upon the person. Tooth whitening strips are a comparatively easy and handy solution to take away floor stains, and Crest Whitestrips is probably the most notable model available on the market in the present day. However is that this methodology best for you?

Learn together with us as we take a deep dive into the Crest Whitestrips line of merchandise and examine every part you should know, like:

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  • Are Crest Whitestrips secure?
  • Do Crest 3D White Strips work?
  • What are the components of Crest white strips?
  • What are one of the best alternate options to Crest whitestrips?
  • What do Crest 3D white strips critiques say?

These enamel don’t get any whiter, so let’s get began!

Why do our enamel stain?

Initially, in case your enamel aren’t completely white, that is regular! Some individuals might have naturally pearly whites, however for many of us, barely gray or yellow enamel might be completely wholesome. That is as a result of the enamel of the tooth is only a skinny blueish-white layer and it is translucent. This makes it so a number of the colour from the dentin beneath exhibits by means of. Since dentin is darkish yellow, it can provide enamel an off-white or yellow look.

So your enamel might naturally be extra yellow than white, however your tooth colour can also be attributable to staining. Staining can typically be divided into three essential classes. Let’s take a look!

Extrinsic staining

Extrinsic stains are those who solely have an effect on the tooth’s enamel. These stains are normally attributable to meals, drink or tobacco use. A number of the commonest food and drinks stain perpetrators are:

  • Wine
  • Espresso
  • Tea
  • Chocolate

Meals with a excessive acidity stage like these with a lot of sugar, or citric fruits create an acidic setting in your mouth and make enamel extra inclined to discoloration.

Intrinsic staining

Intrinsic staining is discoloration that’s situated inside of the particular tooth, not simply on the floor. All these stains can come from:

  • Medicines (like tetracycline)
  • Tooth trauma
  • Tooth decay
  • Fluorosis
  • Genetics

Intrinsic stains are normally tougher to deal with with over-the-counter whitening merchandise like Crest whitening strips.

Simply one other one of many superior perks of growing older—your enamel would possibly yellow a bit too! That is as a result of all through the years your enamel step by step wears away, exposing extra of the yellow of the dentin beneath. Age-related staining can be attributable to each extrinsic and intrinsic components.

If you wish to discover out extra about yellow enamel and marking typically, we have got a whole article devoted to simply that. In any other case, with out additional ado, let’s dive into in the present day’s essential matter!

What are Crest Whitestrips?

Crest White Strips are one of the crucial standard manufacturers of enamel whitening strips available on the market. Crest whitening strips work very very like different enamel whitening strips.

They’re skinny, normally clear strips comprised of a plastic known as polyethylene, that are secure for one-time use and which are coated on one aspect with a tooth whitening gel containing some type of whitening agent, normally peroxide.

There are two strips: one for the highest enamel and one for the underside. These strips are versatile and conform to the form of your enamel, conserving the whitening gel in place.

How do Crest Whitestrips work?

So simply how do Crest Whitestrips work? It seems that these white strips include most of the identical whitening components as different whitening strips available on the market.

Whitestrips use polyvinylpyrrolidone to make the strips stick in your enamel. Polyvinylpyrrolidone is (actually) a mouthful and will sound scary, however everybody’s favourite eco product rater, the Environmental Working Group, charges it as a secure adhesive that does not bioaccumulate or disrupt hormones.

Crest enamel whitening strips additionally include carbomer, which is secure within the amount used within the strips, so as to add extra endurance to the gel. These adhesives can, nonetheless, trigger irritation to gums within the case of overexposure.

The whitening ingredient on this model, and certainly in lots of whitening options is hydrogen peroxide, which is efficient in eliminating floor stains, and it could possibly additionally even make the yellow from dentin much less, nicely, yellow. Whereas hydrogen peroxide is an efficient enamel whitener, it has a darker aspect as nicely. Your oral microbiome contains micro organism, a few of it very helpful to your oral and general well being, and hydrogen peroxide really kills the helpful micro organism.

Crest White Strips Substances

We have gone over a few the components in Whitestrips, however let’s take a look on the complete shebang. In line with the Crest web site:

  • Water: Prevents enamel dehydration
  • Glycerin: Thickens gel and helps it adhere to enamel
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Whitens
  • Carbomer: Makes gel adhesive
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone: Makes gel adhesive
  • PEG: Thickens gel and makes it stick
  • Acrylates copolymer: Thickens gel and retains strip in place
  • Sodium hydroxide: Makes pH impartial
  • Sodium saccharin: Makes the strips style higher
  • Pyrophosphate: Protects in opposition to tartar (solely in Crest 3D White Whitestrips Stain Protect)

Methods to apply Crest white strips

  • Apply the strips: Do not brush your enamel earlier than making use of the strips; this can give them stronger sticking energy. To use the strips, peel off the liner from the again of the whitening strip, after which place the gel aspect of the strip alongside the fronts of your enamel, lining it up together with your gum line. Press the strip in opposition to your enamel and fold the additional width of the strip behind your enamel. Comply with this process for each higher and decrease arches.
  • Utilization frequency: Be sure that to learn the directions on the white strips you’re utilizing. Some strips ought to solely be worn as soon as a day, whereas others require two makes use of per day.
  • Software time: All the time observe the directions in your particular white strips. The time vary for carrying can differ from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. The time normally is dependent upon the focus of whitening components in your strips. Sporting your strips for extra time than directed will not lead to whiter enamel, however may very well trigger injury.
  • Therapy time: Put on your strips for the directed remedy time. Some remedy regimens final only a week whereas others can final for a month.

Which Whitestrips are one of the best?

Crest gives seemingly infinite choices relating to whitening your enamel with white strips. The exhausting half can be narrowing it down to search out the strips that finest meet your particular person wants. Let’s take a look at a number of the hottest Whitestrips choices and examine their similarities and variations.

Glamorous White 3D Whitestrips

“I liked it. It was a little strong on my gums but got the job done. I am a Dental Hygienist, and I prefer the crest to in office whitening. I think it’s gentler and just as effective.”

Crest Glamorous White Whitestrips comes with 14 units of strips (that is 28 strips complete)—one in your prime enamel and one in your backside enamel. Every set is individually wrapped, taking out the guesswork of matching pairs. The underside strip is smaller and contoured in your backside enamel, whereas the highest strip is lengthy for full protection.

The corporate claims that these strips will whiten 25 instances higher than the main whitening toothpaste and that their Superior Seal Expertise implies that the strips will keep in place, a lot as a way to drink water and speak with ease whereas whitening.

Moreover, these strips are ADA accepted, which implies that the American Dental Affiliation has discovered them to be secure and efficient when used in accordance with the producer’s directions.

  • Variety of strips: 14 units (1 higher 1 decrease)
  • Size of remedy: 14 days
  • Software time: half-hour
  • Software frequency: As soon as per day
  • Whitening ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide

Vivid White 3D Whitestrips

“Excellent! No sensitivity and my teeth are whiter than ever! I’m a regular coffee and wine drinker and it removed it all.”

Crest Vivid White will take away 5 years of stains from espresso, wine, tobacco and different stain perpetrators. With Vivid, you get 10 units up higher and decrease strips, and you should put on them for half an hour daily. Crest recommends this whitening equipment for many who are new to enamel whitening, since it is a easy and comparatively quick routine.

These strips use the identical enamel-safe whitening agent that dentists use in-office, and so they function Superior Seal Expertise so the strips keep in place.

If you are going to buy this VividPlus equipment you additionally get two 1-hour specific therapies for a whitening enhance.

  • Variety of strips: 10 units (1 higher 1 decrease)
  • Size of remedy: 10 days
  • Software time: half-hour
  • Software frequency: As soon as per day
  • Whitening ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide

Skilled Results 3D Whitestrips

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“First review I’ve ever written. These are freaking amazing. Removed years of coffee and tea stains. Totally worth the price.”

Skilled Results guarantees to take away 14 years of enamel stains with results that final for not less than 12 months. Because the identify suggests, the oral well being firm says that these strips ship the identical stage of outcomes as skilled, in-office whitening.

You will begin seeing outcomes after simply three days, with full outcomes after 20 days. These strips are secure on enamel and have Superior Seal Expertise, which lets them keep in place even whenever you speak or drink water.

This equipment additionally comes with two 1-Hour Specific therapies for same-day outcomes.

  • Variety of strips: 20 units (1 higher 1 decrease)
  • Size of remedy: 20 days
  • Software time: half-hour
  • Software frequency: As soon as per day
  • Whitening ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide

Charcoal and Arctic Mint 3D Whitestrips

“Love Crest Whitestrips. They have always done my teeth so well. I have two partially fake front teeth because of a fall when I was younger that chipped them. The bondage [sic] on my teeth whitens along with the natural teeth with no issues. Highly recommend. I buy these twice a year and keeps me feeling confident and happy!”

The Arctic Mint strips tackle the issue that white strips of any model do not at all times style superb. These strips whiten 25x higher than whitening toothpaste and comprise 3D Whitestrips with Arctic Mint taste serum you can add to them earlier than you apply them.

Arctic White comes with 28 white strips or 14 units with prime and backside strips, with 30-minute remedy periods per day.

The Charcoal Mint model has the identical 3D base because the Arctic Mint, however the serum you apply additionally consists of activated charcoal for its pure whitening talents.

  • Variety of strips: 14 units (1 higher 1 decrease)
  • Size of remedy: 14 days
  • Software time: half-hour
  • Software frequency: As soon as per day
  • Whitening ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide

Crest Whitestrips whitening equipment critiques

“Great product! The strips are my go-to item for quick, whiter teeth. The mouthpiece takes the whiteness up a notch. I won’t do the strips without the light from now on!”

Aside from their choice of whitening strips, Crest additionally gives kits with each strips and an LED gentle. Maybe their best-selling Crest whitening equipment is the 3D Whitestrips with Mild. They declare that that is their quickest solution to whiter enamel. It comes with 20 strips, or 10 units of higher and decrease strips for 10 days of remedy, and a handheld gentle that quickens remedy.

To make use of this method, you should apply the strips as soon as per day for 60 minutes, and observe up with 10 minutes of sunshine time. When executed appropriately, the outcomes can last as long as 36 months.

Product abstract

There are a whole lot of choices to select from, from this model and plenty of others. That will help you work out which of Crest’s merchandise is finest for you, take a look on the desk beneath.

Buyer Crest whitestrips evaluate

Konnor’s Crest 3D Whitestrips evaluate

“I don’t know what else to say, I thought they were great!”

Konnor exhibits us how the primary and tenth day of Crest Whitestrips remedy works. The sort that he bought declare to take away 5 years of stains. Konnor has largely white enamel with only a trace of yellow. He would not know why he has yellow on his enamel, as a result of he brushes his enamel twice a day and flosses daily too. His finest guess is that the yellow comes from his espresso consuming.

In his video he takes us by means of his first time making use of the strips. It was a reasonably easy course of, however he was a bit confused about which was the higher and decrease one at first.

His first impression is that claims that the strips do not style nice and it is type of troublesome to speak with them in. He would not love that the strips do not cowl all of his enamel, simply the entrance ones. Taking them off wasn’t a really nice expertise for him both, as he felt like he needed to tear them from his enamel.

His sums up his first expertise with the next conclusions:

  • It is easy to place them on (so long as you realize that the small one is for the underside enamel and the longer one for the higher enamel)
  • They’re troublesome and fairly disagreeable to take off
  • They left no uneven white spots on his enamel

10 days later, Konnor says he skilled ache and sensitivity when he ate and drank. He solved this downside by making use of the strips earlier than going to mattress at night time.

All in all, he thinks they labored rather well. He skipped just a few days as a result of it harm an excessive amount of till he found out that he ought to do the remedy earlier than mattress. He says he would use them once more, however the half that is a bummer is the ache.

Watch the remainder of Konnor’s evaluate within the video beneath:

SimplyPop’s Crest Whitestrips Luxe critiques

This blogger has a gorgeous smile, however his enamel are a contact yellow which is the difficulty he needs to deal with. He takes us by means of a three-month journey of his Whitestrips expertise:

He opted for the Crest Whitestrips Luxe, which additionally got here with a whitening specific remedy as nicely. He says he actually likes them as a result of they work rather well, however he cautions his viewers to watch out with espresso, wine and normal oral hygiene, because it’s one thing that wants greater than only a one-time repair—you need to be devoted to caring for your smile.

You possibly can watch the remainder of his evaluate within the video beneath:

Merely Simone’s Crest 3D whitening strips evaluate

Simone takes us by means of her six-day whitening journey on this Crest Whitestrips 1-hour specific evaluate. She combines a trio of merchandise: the Crest skilled Specific Whitening in one-week strips, Crest Brilliance mouthwash, and Crest Brilliance toothpaste. Her course of is to brush her enamel first with the toothpaste, then use the mouthwash and end up with the strips.

She mentioned the mouthwash did not trigger any sensitivity however the toothpaste did sting a bit. You possibly can learn extra about mouthwashes and toothpastes for whitening in our full guides, however now on to the strips!

Her remedy is one week lengthy, because it is without doubt one of the Specific choices. By day three she already notices that her enamel are a bit whiter. On day 4 she needed to take a break as a result of her enamel have been actually delicate and it was too uncomfortable.

She is not in a position to end day 7 of the remedy, as a result of her daughter stole a set of strips! However even after six days she’s actually pleased with the distinction. Watch her whole journey within the video beneath!

Melissa’s Crest Noticeably White Whitestrips critiques

Melissa opts for Noticeably White for her whitening remedy. She takes us by means of placing the strips on, and timing her 30-minute remedy. She additionally purchased 3D white toothpaste to accompany her whitening process, which she would advocate.

She reminds her audiences to be very cautious with the whitening gel. She bought it on her fingers, and afterward her fingers and her thumbs had white spots on them! Additionally, it could possibly burn your gums if it comes into contact for them for too lengthy.

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She says that after the 10-day remedy, her enamel appeared a bit lighter, however not as white as she wished them to be. Watch her full vlog beneath.

Issues with Whitestrips

There’s at all times not less than some danger of inflicting hurt to your enamel or gums with any whitening remedy, and Whitestrips aren’t any exception.

Injury to gums

The ADA themselves, who’ve given their Seal of Acceptance to some Whitestrips merchandise, warning that overuse of those merchandise may cause tooth sensitivity and gum injury. This injury might be attributable to hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide and PVP, all components in these strips.

Injury to enamel

A examine performed by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology discovered that hydrogen peroxide, a key ingredient in these and different over-the-counter whitening choices, can hurt the dentin that resides below your tooth’s enamel. The outcomes discovered that one of many main proteins in dentin was breaking down with using strips, and that collagen really disappeared.

Moreover, such whitening merchandise might trigger injury to the tooth’s enamel, which may end up in tooth sensitivity and ache, in addition to the next danger of cavities.

Uneven whitening

Whitestrips can solely go to this point to whiten your enamel; that’s, they’ll whiten solely the surfaces that they fully cowl and cling to. It may be troublesome to make sure full protection, particularly when attempting to get these flat strips to whiten the areas between your enamel, or to completely cowl the contours the place your enamel meet your gums, with out inflicting injury to your gums.

The result’s generally a pleasant white tooth heart, with edges that stay yellow or grey. It isn’t that the Whitestrips make the remainder of your tooth extra yellow, it is simply that now the realm that’s yellow is extra noticeable in comparison with the whitened areas.

Disrupting your oral microbiome

Peroxide, the principle whitening agent in these strips, additionally kills micro organism. That may sound like factor, however there are many micro organism in our mouths that we really need to remain wholesome. With no correct stability of those helpful micro organism, you will have the next probability of infections and cavities, in addition to dangerous breath and different normal well being issues.

Finest alternate options to Whitestrips

Not satisfied about Whitestrips? No downside! There are all types of whitening strategies you possibly can strive, from pure whitening cures, to toothpaste, to skilled strategies.

Snow ‘The Magic Strips’

Snow white strips use peroxide to whiten enamel, similar to Crest, however they’re additionally made with Snow’s patented P3 know-how which makes them much more efficient at whitening.

These white strips are additionally designed to make the whitening expertise general extra pleasant and handy. How? Initially, you solely must put on these strips for quarter-hour per day to see dramatic outcomes.

Plus, The Magic Strips dissolve proper in your enamel, and so they do not go away behind a gooey mess like different whitening strips, together with Crest.

These strips additionally do away with that nasty faux-mint chemical style typical of so many whitening strips and merchandise. As a substitute, they style like a chic and refined mix of lavender and mint.

You will not ever have to fret about operating out of your strips both — there are 28 strips per pack and you may subscribe for computerized refills in 1, 2, 3 or 6 months.

How do they examine to Crest by way of value?

Identical to with Crest’s top-of-the-line Glamorous White Strips, you get 28 per pack for just below $40. Get yours now!

Smile Sensible

Smile Sensible is skilled bleaching remedy—the one distinction is that you are able to do it from house. How?

With Smile Sensible, you order a equipment as a way to make impressions of your enamel. You then ship your impressions into the Smile Sensible lab, and they’re going to tailor-make your enamel whitening trays, proper right here within the US.

As soon as your trays are made, they ship them again to you, together with the identical dentist-strength 22% carbamide peroxide whitening gel that you’d get within the dentist workplace. In reality, you might be fully assured that this is identical remedy you get on the dentist, as a result of dentists really buy their whitening trays from the Smile Sensible lab.

Different advantages of Smile Sensible embrace:

  • Lasting outcomes: The whitening provided by Smile Sensible lasts for over a yr.
  • Straightforward on enamel and gums: You possibly can order a particular desensitizing gel that tremendously reduces and even prevents sensitivity.
  • Refills: While you need to refresh your outcomes, you need not buy a complete new equipment. As a substitute, you possibly can order refills. That is each eco and wallet-friendly.
  • Affordability: Smile Sensible is without doubt one of the solely at-home methods that genuinely gives professional-level outcomes however at solely a fraction of the associated fee.

Learn different enamel whitening equipment critiques or find out about different sorts of beauty dentistry in our information right here.


As you possibly can see from these Crest 3D white strips critiques, Whitestrips might be an efficient solution to whiten enamel which are stained, whether or not from espresso, smoking, wine otherwise you have been simply born that manner. White strips present a comparatively easy solution to whiten your enamel from house, and for a fraction of the worth {of professional}, in-office whitening.

There’s a danger of enamel and dentin injury, and elevated tooth sensitivity and even ache when utilizing this or every other type of whitening product. Nevertheless, the American Dental Affiliation has given Luxe Whitestrips their Seal of Acceptance, so you possibly can really feel assured understanding that the skilled group stands behind this product.

White strips alone will not be capable to present the identical stage of whitening that you’d get on the dentist’s workplace, which is why we advocate the Smile Sensible whitening system. Smile Sensible is an at-home equipment that makes use of a professional-strength whitening gel and custom-made whitening trays to drastically whiten enamel with outcomes that final for greater than a yr.


Do Crest 3D White strips work on yellow enamel?

It relies upon. In case your yellow enamel are attributable to floor stains, then these and related merchandise ought to be capable to take away these stains and restore your enamel to their pure colour. In case your yellow enamel are attributable to the dentin, a yellow substance that exists beneath the enamel, then that is the pure colour of your enamel and cannot be modified with superficial whitening therapies.

Do Whitestrips work after one use?

It is not going that you will note noticeable outcomes after a single use, except you utilize the Specific whitening strips. These work in simply an hour to take away floor stains.

The supposed result’s an instantly noticeably whiter smile. Customary therapies will step by step produce outcomes, and to get full outcomes, you must persist with the whole remedy course.

How typically do you utilize Whitestrips?

Whitestrips are meant for use daily, as soon as per day. In some instances, you may as well use a Crest 3D Specific whitening strip to complement your regular remedy.

The necessary factor is to observe the producer’s directions. For those who skip days, it’s possible you’ll not see the identical outcomes as you’ll for those who have been in step with the whitening remedy.

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