How to cook deer meat in the oven

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This dish for deer steak in the stove is tasty! The meat appears so tender, with velvety, yummy sauce to put over mashed potatoes. It takes a little job to preparation, however it is totally worth it after you take a bite of the tender deer meat!

The sauce is flexible – if you obtain it a little bit bumpy, it will certainly cook out simply penalty. The onions assist to smooth out the wild video game taste. Don’ t neglect to order all my suggestions for food preparation wild video game.

This dish does require to prepare reduced as well as slow-moving, to soften the venison steak.

How to make deer steak in the stove

Start with 2 pounds of deer steak. (You can make use of elk, deer, or antelope.) If you are making use of icy meat, you will certainly require to thaw it totally.

Pat meat completely dry with a paper towel, as well as extra pound with a meat tenderizer. Here’s a tenderizer on Amazon that resembles mine.

Preheat the stove to 300 levels while you are prepping the meat. Pound the meat to concerning fifty percent it’s density. I will not define a dimension, since steaks differ in density. Just extra pound it to concerning fifty percent.

After the steak is all softened, warm some oil in a huge fry pan. I such as to utilize my actors iron frying pans for that stunning sear. When the oil is warm, roll each steak in flour, as well as brownish on both sides.

Place the steaks in a baking recipe. Any 3-quart cooking recipe will certainly function, or a 9 × 13 frying pan.

Make the sauce

Chop the onion, include it to the frying pan that you fried the steaks in. All the browned little bits from the steaks are simply great – they include taste. Add the butter, after that mix as well as fry till the onion is soft. (you can make use of oil or bacon oil rather than butter)

Add the garlic, salt, pepper, as well as flour. Stir right into the onions. It will certainly look clumpy at this phase, however do not stress! The following action will certainly repair it.

Now, put the milk gradually right into the frying pan, mixing the onion mix as you put. At initially, it might look bumpy, however must begin to ravel as you remain to mix, as well as it starts to simmer.

When the sauce begins to steam as well as enlarge a little bit, it is done. You do not wan’t it as well thick, since it will certainly enlarge much more in the stove.

Bake the deer steak

Pour the sauce over the steaks, cover with a cover or aluminum foil, as well as cook in a preheated stove for 2 1/2 hrs. It will not harm to go a bit much longer, if you require to.

We like to put the sauce over mashed potatoes, however you can likewise consume it over pasta. Or if you are a bit Southern like me – put it over bread!

Any means you consume it, this is tasty, tender venison. It is stick-to-your-ribs home cooking. The slow-moving bake time makes it tender, as well as the onions as well as garlic remove any kind of gamey taste.

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deer steak in the oven


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