How to easily remove worn caulking from your windows?

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Is the caulking of your window worn out? It would be interesting to replace it with another. At stake is the optimization of the isolation of your living space. Before changing thermos window, it is necessary to remove upstream, the caulking. There are simple and easy techniques to achieve this. Here’s how.

Be well equipped

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Changing a window cold cut is an easy task in itself, but you have to equip yourself properly to get by. Indeed, caulking seals are usually made of ADFAST or ADSEAL silicone. They become too strong after a while. This is due to the fact that they are exposed to UV rays and bad weather. To detach them, you will need blades. The best recommendations are:

  • the knife with a retractable blade;
  • the electric knife;
  • the putty knife.

You can use either of these blades to remove the caulk, even on thermos glass. For the small pieces that will remain, provide long-spout pliers. Other equipment to be provided are the brush, a clean cloth, a cloth and alcohol. The brush should ideally have rigid bristles. All these elements will allow you to clean the caulk. Don’t forget to also provide a ladder if you have to work at height. It would have to be strong enough to protect you from falls.

Remove caulking from windows

The trick here is to use a soldering torch or a heat gun. With either of these accessories, you will only need to soften the old caulking before the operation. This will also facilitate his detachment. Locate the smoothest surface to caulk and detach it in the first position. For more efficiency, the trick is as follows. Put the blade of your knife under the seal to remove the sealant. Then hold it parallel and push it along its entire length. This will allow you to clear the joint from the surface.

You can use for this step, a putty knife. Otherwise, choose an electric knife or a model with a retractable blade. You will have to be careful if you opt for these last models because they are usually sharp. You can therefore easily injure yourself if you do not know how to handle them. At worst, these tools could also damage your surface.

Sometimes the joints peel off in strips. If this is the case for your caulk, the task will be easier for you. You will only have to pull the detached part of the caulking to remove it along its entire length. If there are any residual pieces, remove them afterwards. Use to do this, a long-spout pliers.

Proceed to cleaning

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This is the last step of your operation. Cleaning will restore the surface to its original clarity. Use a cloth soaked in alcohol to remove all traces of dirt and grease residue. Prepare for this, a polyurethane foam. However, you should be careful when rubbing. Do it delicately at the risk of damaging the front of the window. After cleaning, it will be necessary to wipe using a clean and dry cloth. You can also add honeycomb rods inside the joints of your window caulking if the space to be filled is at least a quarter of an inch. Otherwise, you will benefit from using a filling material. This rule is especially valid when the window slots are at least 6 mm.

Now you know how to effectively remove old exterior caulking around your windows. So follow these steps for an efficient result. These tips are also valid for removing a cold cut door, a cold cut low door or a window lighter.

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