How to get off birth control


how do you cease taking contraception? simply cold- turkey?

There’s no “right way” to go off contraception — you may cease taking your drugs in the midst of the pack, or end the pack you’re on with out beginning a brand new one. Medically, there’s no distinction, though ending your present capsule pack means you’ll know once you’re going to get your interval, whereas stopping within the center will make it tougher to foretell once you’ll get your interval. If it’s vital to you to know when your interval is coming, it would make extra sense to complete the pack. In the event you’re utilizing the ring or the patch, it’s the identical factor – you may cease everytime you need, however once you time it should have an effect on when your subsequent interval occurs.

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After you cease taking contraception, your physique and menstrual cycle will want a while to regulate, identical to they did once you began the capsule. You may discover some recognizing or bleeding between your durations, and your durations could also be irregular for a couple of months. However that is non permanent, and your cycle will return to the way it was earlier than you began your contraception fairly shortly.

Do not forget that as quickly as you cease your contraception, you’re not protected against being pregnant anymore. So in case you’re planning to cease taking the capsule (or patch or ring) and preserve having vaginal intercourse, however you don’t wish to get pregnant, you’ll want to make use of one other contraception technique.

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In the event you’re switching to a brand new contraception technique, you might must overlap strategies or use a backup technique, like a condom, for as much as every week. Your physician or nurse can let you know how lengthy you’ll want to do that for, relying on which technique you’re switching from and to.

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