How to Get rid of Blue Paragraph Symbols in Word Mac

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Microsoft is one of the best text editors of Microsoft Office Suite.

You don’t have to limit yourself to using a Word app on Mac. For example, you can go to a text document and add or remove the paragraph symbols in Word over your MacBook Device.

If you wonder how to get rid of blue paragraph symbols in Word Mac, you are in the right place.

It might be that your client, colleague, or a friend inquired about you for the same, or you are yourself confused on how to eliminate the blue paragraph symbols in Word. For a solution, stay tuned!

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Issues with Blue Paragraph Symbols in Word MacBook:

Usually, the blue paragraph symbols randomly show up in Word while working. And a lot of people face specific issues on how to get rid of paragraph symbols in Word?

You need not worry because there are a certain number of methods or solutions in Microsoft Word by which you can easily cut off the blue paragraph symbols.

The Microsoft Word MacBook has a formatting mark button that looks like this (¶). This paragraph symbol is an indication of the exact location of a paragraph. This can be helpful when you want to glance where the paragraph is at present, but its continuous appearance might trouble you.

In addition, many users have a complaint about the blue paragraph symbol being distracting whilst typing or working on Word on MacBook.

Moreover, there are chances that you end up printing out your word documents with the blue paragraph symbols scattered over the hard copy.

Choose any one of the detailed methods explained below to learn how to turn the paragraph symbols off from your Word app on MacBook.

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Method 1. Turn off the Paragraph Symbol Command (¶)

The easiest way to eliminate the blue paragraph symbols of a Word document in MacBook is to turn off the Paragraph Symbol Command (¶).

Follow the given step-by-step instructions to do the same:

  • Step 1. First of all, you have to use the Hide/Show paragraph symbols button. This button is located in the toolbar. After that, just head on to the main toolbar by clicking the home button.
  • Step 2. Look for the Hide/Shoe Formatting Marks button.

NOTE: The Hide/Show Formatting Marks button will look something like a paragraph mark (¶)

  • Step 3. Tap on the Formatting Marks button. As soon as you click here, you will see that the easement of the paragraph symbols begins.

NOTE: If you need to turn the Paragraph Symbol back on, you just have to re-click on the same Formatting Marks button.

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Method 2. Unselect the Paragraph Symbol in Word Application

If you have tried the Show/Hide (¶) command and suffered a failure, you need to stick to this method.

All you have to do is unselect the paragraph symbol in the Word Options dialog box. This will successfully help you to get rid of your paragraph symbols from Word MacBook.

Follow the given step-by-step instructions to do the same:

  • Step 1. Select File and tap on Options
  • Step 2. Next, click on the Display option
  • Step 3. On the Display Menu, you will have to search for the section marked “Always show“. This is a formatting mark on the screen.
  • Step 4. You will also be able to view a check box labeled with paragraph marks
  • Step 5. To turn off the blue paragraph, you have to uncheck the box labeled Paragraph marks.

NOTE: Step 5 not only unchecks blue paragraph symbols, but it also can uncheck any other formatting marks such as hidden text, object anchors, and spaces.

Step 6. Finally, click on the OK button below the Uncheck Box.

Congratulations Once you are done with all these steps, the blue paragraph mark will cease to appear on any of your word documents on your MacBook.

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Method 3) Use Shortcut to Turn off Paragraph Symbols

There are times when you are in a hurry to work speedily and efficiently on Word. In such circumstances, you might find it difficult to follow the detailed steps. I would recommend you learn the Ctrl + * keyboard shortcut method.

  • Step 1. This shortcut might be confusing at the beginning. Because to make it work, you have to tap on Ctrl + Shift + 8, which is just the same as hitting Ctrl + * equivalent.

NOTE: If you are working in Ribbon and you head on to the Show/Hide ¶ command, the pop-up box guides you to the shortcut key is Ctrl + *. But, you must keep in mind that to make this speedy method work, the keys you need to click on your MacBook are Ctrl + Shift + 8.

That’s all, this method requires only one step and one important note to keep in mind. With this shortcut, you can quickly turn on or off the blue paragraph symbols. You can also turn off the other hidden formatting symbols in your Word document.

These are the three popular solutions to eliminate the blue paragraph symbols in your Word document on MacBook.

However, at times users ask questions on ways to eliminate paragraph symbols in Word for Mac OS X. If you have the same question, read further.

Steps to Get Rid of Paragraph Symbol in Word for Mac OS X:

  • Step 1. Head to the Word Menu
  • Step 2. Simply select Preferences from the Word menu.
  • Step 3. Now select “View“. This will show you a section titled “Nonprinting characters“.
  • Step 4. Just check or uncheck the appropriate boxes (according to your requirements) to remove the blue paragraph marks.
  • Step 5. Press the OK button to save your changes.


Now you are very well familiar with several ways to delete the unwanted blue paragraph symbols popping up in the Word in your MacBook.

Just pick any of the best-suited solutions and enjoy tension-free work on Word documents.

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