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What if you intend to go black or dark brownish however do not intend to utilize the synthetic/chemical hair dyes, due to the fact that you do not intend to risk their all-natural luster as well as stamina or perhaps worst, your health and wellness? or you dislike them?

Most of the artificial black hair dyes have dangerous para-phenylenediamine, stated as PPD in the components in them that will gradually however at some point harm your hair & & influence your physical health and wellness.

So what’s the most effective as well as risk-free method to color your hair black? Indigo Powder integrated with henna powder, a generously utilized all-natural hair color mix to obtain the beautiful as well as glossy black hair that has actually been utilized because virtually 4000 years earlier when no man-made hair shade was also believed to be created.

Indigo powder is based fallen leaves of the plant popular as Indigo feraTinctoria It is called as the indigo powder due to the fact that it has the deep blue pigment in it. Although indigo powder has blue pigment it just provides dark brown/black hair shade as well as not blue.

(Indigo powder itself does not function properly on grey hair, it needs to be used either by combining with pure henna or after using pure henna (2 action technique) on your hair)

Some brand names market indigo powder as “Black Henna” which is a lot of the moments not pure or risk-free to utilize, these might have chemicals/metallic salts. Especially henna & & indigo items available that are being offered really low-cost, most likely have dangerous chemicals.

Make certain the indigo powder you are making use of is eco-friendly in shade as well as scents like dried-up peas when combined with water it provides ink blue tinted paste.

Indigo powder grande


Indigo powder is mainly utilized to obtain the deep black hair or dark brownish hair shade however, for the blonde, grey or white hair, obtaining black hair with indigo powder calls for a two-step procedure.

In this instance, you initially require to use the pure henna to the hair that will certainly color your hair orange-red and after that use the indigo powder similarly. This will certainly offer you a deep black shade with remarkable luster.

The shade pigment in the indigo powder functions truly well with the orange shade of the henna that is currently existing in your hair, or else, you will certainly obtain NO SHADE whatsoever (on white or grey hair) or the lite bluish-colored hair.

If you use the combination including both pure henna as well as indigo powder you will certainly obtain various tones of brownish relying on the proportions of each powder utilized.

Reminder: If you just use indigo powder on grey hair, it will certainly have little to no shade. Indigo powder is best utilized in mix with henna or after dying your hair with henna.


  • A plastic or wood dish
  • A plastic or wood spoon
  • Indigo Powder
  • Shower cap or cling wrap
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Gloves
  • Old towels
  • Water/ black made coffee/tea

Indigo might tarnish your surface area, so do manage with treatment. By complying with the basic as well as very easy actions mentioned listed below you might conveniently use indigo on your hair:

Estimated quantity required for your hair:

Short Hair & & Half Beard

& 1/3 (4.5 tablespoon)

Shoulder Length &Full Beard

& 2/3 (8 tablespoon)

Mid Back

Full Pack

Hip Length

1 & 1/2 pack

Mustache & Eyebrows

1/4( 3 tablespoon)

It is really crucial to comply with each action really meticulously.

  1. In a dish, mix Indigo Powder with cozy water till it develops right into a pudding/cake-like batter uniformity. The indigo combination ought to be slim sufficient to use conveniently however not also watery that slides off your hairs. It is advised to leave the combination out for just 15-20 minutes prior to using. Your indigo powder might solidify over the delay time, simply use a little water to loosen it up a little bit. (it is advised not to utilize any kind of metal tools)
  1. Please see to it your hair is tidy as well as completely dry in order to attain optimal outcomes. Do note, you might include anything right into your combination as need; nonetheless, we do not suggest including any kind of oils to the indigo combination. You desire as several items on your hair. You can constantly use any kind of oils later if required.
  1. Put your handwear covers on & & different your hair right into areas to attain optimum protection. With a brush or with your gloved hands, use the henna combination from origin suggestions functioning down; each area at once. Continue using till every one of the henna combinations is related to your hair. At this factor, you ought to really feel well covered with henna mud & & a little bit hefty (please note henna scents like nature). For face hair: please utilize your fingers to deeply tint the location and after that discuss with one more smooth layer.
  1. Cover your head with an and also await 2-3 humans resources The Longer you await the darker shade you will certainly obtain however you require to leave it on for a minimum of 2 hrs permanently shade (3 hrs advised). For face hair: the advised quantity of time is 1.5 to 2 hrs.
  1. Now it’s time to wash out. This will certainly take a little bit even more time after that washing out routine hair color. To far better rinse, out do not layer your hair ahead to wash. Start from the origins as well as wash downwards. Rinse indigo with cold/cool water (no hair shampoo) with/without conditioner as well as rinse till water runs clear. Cold water aids to secure the tones. This goes the very same in cleaning any kind of face hair.

Please hair shampoo your hair in between 24-48 humans resources of application to secure your shade. Don’ t see the wanted shade yet? Wait for 48-72 humans resources to see your outcomes. Since our indigo powder does not have the chemicals called for in creating the shade immediately, you might require one more application (particularly on grey hair).

Gray hair often tends to be persistent as well as when it boils down to henna being so all-natural; nature will certainly take its time. If you scent indigo powder also after cleaning, do not stress it will certainly disappear in regarding 1-2 days, in addition to any kind of indigo powder discolorations.

First- time Indigo Powder Users

Please note your outcomes might differ as well as it might occupy to 3-4 applications for your hair to identify henna/indigo. Henna normally problems reinforces, gets rid of excess oil, & & safeguards your hair from sunlight damages! Leaving your hair smooth as well as soft. Also, if you are attempting to tint your hair to dark brown-black, it constantly very advised you use our pure henna initially and after that indigo powder.

Oops! Did your skin obtain tarnished? No concerns, the shade on your skin will certainly vanish with time. Just make certain not to attempt scrubing it off with oils or anything else as it will certainly dim the shade.

Tips: (Here are some suggestions from our consumers, person’s outcomes might differ) You do not require to use or include anything if you do not desire to.

  • You might use Vaseline along your folds to stay clear of henna discolorations
  • Mixing with cozy made black coffee aids dim the shade
  • Add 1-2 tsp of salt if your initial shot really did not exercise
  • If you have grey hair you might blend 2-3 tsp of apple cider vinegar (aids henna to keep grey far better)
  • Mixing our crucial oils (lavender crucial) in henna combination or weaken as well as put on your hair to stay clear of the henna scent
  • You might intend to use old garments to stay clear of any kind of discolorations
  • Store remaining henna in a completely dry great area in a Ziploc
  • Avoid any kind of warmth designing to maintain hair shade last much longer
  • It is advised to usage sulfate cost-free or all-natural shampoo/conditioner

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