How To Remove Acrylic Nails Safely, With & Without Acetone

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One of the great things about getting your nails done is how good you feel. From start to finish, you get to feel pampered and special as somebody else encourages you to relax while they take care of your hands. You get to choose and customize your nails, and then once it is all done, you can show them off to your friends and family. But how to remove acrylic nail?

Acrylic nail is a fake nail which covers the natural nails. It is the artificial coat of acrylic over the natural nails. This nail job is done to style natural nails if nails are damaged, uneven or you want to style it with different hard colours. The acrylic nail can adopt different styles on it look beautiful. You can use the glittering style or attach fake pearls to it. Acrylic nail is not the only favourite to females any more males are also doing the acrylic nail job on their natural nails. Acrylic nail is fake but could reflect original you through nails.

Eventually, those nails have to come off. And sometimes, they fall off, and you must get the rest of them off, too. But what if you’re away from the salon, or short on cash to have them removed?

Removal of the acrylic nail without acetone will be a safe option rather than with acetone. But, there are some methods to remove fake nails or acrylic nails at home that keep acetone away from harming you. There is the way to remove your acrylic nails without acetone are also there in home remedies.

How to take off acrylic nails without acetone

In the following, we will show you some ways of removing acrylic nails without acetone. We will also show you the process of removing acrylic nails with acetone later in this blog.

First Method

What You Need

  • Nail Clipper
  • Glass bowl
  • Acetone
  • Cotton Balls
  • Q-tips (optional)
  • Orangewood stick (optional)
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Nail buffer-fine and course grade
  • Nail File

The Steps

Now we will get into how to remove acrylic nails. You will first want to start by clipping the acrylic nails. Use a nail clipper to trim back the tips of your acrylic nails so that they become short. Cut off as much as you can with the nail clipper. You might even use a coarse nail file to bring them down in size. It will be nice if you cut the nail in small phase-wise. First, cut the small edges and then go a little further deep. Repeat the process slowly until the internal nail bed with your nail clipper.

Next, file the top coat of your acrylic nails. You should use a fine-grade buffing tool to file the paint off and get rid of as much acrylic as you can. Use long strokes and go the whole length of your acrylic nails. Be sure to avoid damaging your natural nail.

Third, pour the acetone into a bowl with warm water. Get yourself a medium-size glass bowl and fill it halfway with your acetone and slightly warm water. Ensure that the water should not more hot than lukewarm because it can harm your nail bed also be sure not to microwave the acetone or use it near heat. Acetone is a flammable substance.

Be sure your workspace is well ventilated and do not light any cigarettes.

The fourth step of how to remove acrylic nails is to apply Vaseline or any petroleum jelly to the skin around your fingernails. Acetone will dissolve the plastic but will also be hard on your skin. This jelly will help your skin stay free of irritation, especially if you have some hangnails.

Make sure you do not get any petroleum jelly on your acrylic nails-the acetone could dissolve it.

Use Q-tips if needed for greater precision when applying the petroleum jelly.

How To Remove Of Acrylic Nails Using Aluminum Foil

How To Remove Of Acrylic Nails Using Aluminum Foil Bestdiy.tipsFor the fifth step, apply the acetone to the acrylic nails. Get a cotton ball and saturate it. Then place it on the tip of your finger. Do this for each finger and wrap the fingers in aluminium foil. Let it sit for 30 minutes.

If acetone does not irritate you, you can soak your fingers in the bowl for 30 minutes. (It’s a relaxing way of how to remove acrylic nails!)

Remove the foil and the cotton balls from your fingers-and be gentle-it certainly doesn’t take a lot after soaking for so long. If you simply soaked your fingers, you can use an orangewood stick to pry off the nails. If your acrylic nails are still stuck, soak or wrap your fingers for another 20 minutes.

Scrape off any leftover acrylic with your nail buffer. The acrylic should be soft from the acetone, so just file it away with ease. If it hardens while buffing, soak a cotton ball in acetone and use it to soften it.

Next to the last step in how to remove acrylic nails with acetone! You will take this step to shape your nails using the clippers and a nail file to smooth the edges. Buff your nails, too-move from the base to the tip to do this.

The last step is to use lotion. Wash your hands to be sure all acetone is removed, and then dry your hands and use your favourite moisturizing lotion on your hands.

Second Method

Removing acrylic nails without acetone also very much reliable and effective. Now we will show you how to remove acrylic nails without acetone. This is good if you are limited on supplies, and still, want to get those nails then these below methods will help in how to remove acrylic nails without acetone.

What You Need

  • A partner to help you
  • Dental Floss
  • Cuticle Stick
  • Nail buffer

The Steps

First, find your partner. The second person is needed because you need to make a sawing motion using dental floss under the acrylic nails.

This method is not recommended if you have damaged nails or are worried about causing damage to your nails. It takes layers off the natural nail as the acrylic is taken off.

Second, use a cuticle stick to pry up the whole bottom edge. Gently use the cuticle stick to pry up the nail and get the bottom edge lifted up.

The third step is to make sure your partner is ready. This is where they come in.

Have your partner slide the dental floss under the edge of the acrylic nails. Have your partner face you, and slip the floss underneath the nail, holding each end of the floss in either hand.

Your partner should then work the floss back and forth underneath the acrylic nails. Have them slide it back and forth while pulling up so that the nail works itself loose. Keep doing this motion until the acrylic separates from the natural nail. Advise your partner not to yank upward on the string, as you do not want your natural nail layers ripped off.

Do this for all the nails until they are removed.

Nail buffer

Nail buffer

Fifth, you will want to buff your acrylic nails. After all the nails have been removed, you will need to take a buffer and get your nails into good shape as the removal process has likely made them look a bit rough.

Finish up by applying some cuticle cream and your favourite moisturizer. Don’t forget to thank you, partner, for helping you.

Gel Nails

If you have gels, they are easier to remove than acrylics. You can simply file off the gel nails using a large buffer, and then get the hard to reach areas with a smaller nail file.

After you do get the gel polish off your fingers, be sure to apply a nail strengthener or a nail conditioner treatment after you buff off the gel polish. Doing this will make your cuticle stronger and will help prevent your nails from breaking or scratching.

You can also use a gel polish remover, too. A really nice one is SalonsDirect-it is a good brand that sells a cheap removal method for those of us who love to get manicures. By making use of these two methods, you should easily be able to remove your gel nails.


Getting your nails done is so much fun and can be a great bonding experience for friends and family members to come with you and chat while your nails are done. It’s a wonderful way to feel like royalty for a day or at least a few hours. And the right nail tech can make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

We must have gone through a question “these are the acrylic nails how to remove if the salon is closed?”. Thankfully, there are acrylic nail remover techniquessome with acetone and some great ways what makes us know how to easily remove acrylic nails without acetone.

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