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How to Revive Dry and Damaged Hair Extensions After a Summer of Sun and Swimming

If you have actually been investing great deals of time in the sunlight, sea, and also in the swimming pool this summertime, you’re possibly observing your hair expansions looking completely dry, boring, and also also harmed. Excessive direct exposure to the sunlight, salt in the water, and also chlorine all abuse human hair, leaving it sensation and also looking completely dry, kinky, and also much less than luminescent.

You still have much more days at the coastline and also ladies’ evenings out in advance of you, and also you require your expansions looking glossy and also magnificent. Learn precisely just how to restore completely dry and also broken hair expansions after a summer season of sunlight and also swimming with this overview.

How to Repair Dry and also Damaged Hair Extensions

Oftentimes, the origin problem with hair expansions that are completely dry and also harmed is an absence of wetness. When the all-natural oils are removed from your human hair Remy hair expansions, they come to be completely dry, straw-like, conveniently entangled, and also show up boring and also dull.

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  1. LOC Method

One easy yet reliable method for hydrating your expansions and also bringing them back to life is with a deeply hydrating method called LOC. This approach includes a certain layering of items, beginning with the wateriest and also finishing with the thickest. LOC is an acronym that means “Liquid,” “Oil,” and also “Cream.”

Begin this approach with moist hair that was cleaned or washed with cozy water. Warm temperature levels open up the hair follicles and also permit the hydrating items to pass through.

For the Liquid action, this can just be water (from cleaning) or a watery item. The Oil action can be any type of sort of oil, such as argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil. The Cream action is any type of sort of luscious deep conditioning item. Apply each item in order, concentrating on the mid-shaft to ends of the hair and also staying clear of the top where the tape in expansions, clips in extnesions, or bonds are. Let the expansions air completely dry, or coiffure with the cozy setup.

  1. Warm Oil Treatment

This therapy is simple in the house utilizing almost any type of sort of top quality oil you have, such as additional virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or argan oil. This approach functions best for short-lived hair expansions you can conveniently get.

  1. Put concerning 1/4 mug of oil in a big to tool dimension glass or ceramic dish and also microwave it for one min. The oil needs to be cozy and also not as well warm
  2. Place your expansions in the dish so they are totally covered by the oil
  3. Put the expansions in a plastic bag, shut the bag, and also allow them rest for concerning one hr
  4. Rinse the expansions in water or clean them with a mild hair shampoo
  5. Use conditioner and also rinse
  6. Place the expansions on a tidy towel and also allow them air completely dry over night.


  1. Boiling Pot Method

While this approach might appear strange, it is a reliable option for just how to restore completely dry and also broken hair expansions after a summer season of sunlight and also swimming.

  1. Bring a tiny pot of water to a boil
  2. Add 10 to twenty declines of olive, argan, or coconut oil and also 2 tbsps of hair conditioner
  3. Place completely dry expansions right into the oily water and also allow them rest for 10 mins
  4. Once the water has actually cooled, get rid of the hair expansions
  5. Place them on a towel and also allow them completely dry over night

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  1. Advanced Hot Water Method

Like the various other approaches, you’ll require to eliminate your short-lived hair expansions or have your semi-permanent hair expansions gotten prior to attempting this sophisticated warm water method.

  1. Pour warm water right into a tool pot or sink
  2. Place hair expansions inside
  3. Squirt in a percentage of sulfate-free hair shampoo and also carefully massage therapy the expansions up until they’re tidy
  4. Rinse the expansions up until no hair shampoo continues to be
  5. Pour in fresh warm water and also include the expansions once more.
  6. Add in a couple of declines of an all-natural oil and also a percentage of leave-in conditioner to the water and also expansions
  7. Gently massage therapy the oily water and also expansions
  8. Let the hair rest over night
  9. The following day, while the expansions are still damp, carefully brush beginning at the ends and also functioning your means up
  10. Rinse with cozy water
  11. Place on a towel and also entrust to air completely dry
  12. Once the expansions are completely dry, carefully clean them to make sure there are no knots


How to Detangle Hair Extensions

If your expansions are entangled and also matted, obtain them damp and also spray detangling option around. Use a wide-tooth detangling comb to carefully start cleaning out the tangles, beginning at the ends and also functioning your means up. Apply a leave-in conditioner to soften and also hydrate the expansions. Use completion of a rat tail brush to exercise any type of especially challenging knots.

How to Prevent More Damage to Your Hair Extensions

Now that you have actually taken actions to restore your completely dry and also broken hair expansions, it is essential to be aggressive to stop future damages by consistently looking after your hair expansions.

A couple of means you can stop damages to your hair expansions consist of:

  • Minimize making use of warm designing devices, making sure to use a warm protectant spray prior to utilizing straighteners and also crinkling irons
  • Use just sulfate-free hair shampoo and also conditioner
  • Avoid cleaning expansions frequently: Every 20-30 puts on for short-lived hair expansions and also no greater than as soon as weekly for semi-permanent
  • Avoid rubbing when cleaning expansions
  • Brush your hair expansions each day with a brush made specifically for expansions
  • Sleep with a hair cap or head headscarf, or in pigtails, to stay clear of tangles

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For a lot more suggestions on looking after expansions and also just how to restore completely dry and also broken hair expansions after a summer season of sunlight and also swimming, see our hair blog site. If you require motivation with locating your best hair expansion appearance, have a look at our Shop By Look device and also search our lavish 100% human hair Remy hair expansions.

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