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Ice makers present comfort to each family across the globe. It makes ice for you robotically, and you’ll at all times have sufficient when you have got visitors in your own home. However, like another kitchen equipment, ice makers additionally encounter lots of points.

The backside of the ice maker on a Samsung fridge, for instance, could be a bit tough to function at first. If you don’t know easy methods to flip off backside ice maker on Samsung fridge, you’re not alone. Luckily, we’re right here to make issues clear.

Aside from instructing you easy methods to function your ice maker, we’d additionally share with you some troubleshooting suggestions in addition to tried and examined upkeep steps so as to get probably the most out of your Samsung fridge.

How to Use the Ice Maker in your Samsung Fridge

If your Samsung fridge is model new, there are some things that you might want to know earlier than you begin utilizing the ice maker. This is to ensure that it’s going to run correctly and to ensure that the ice that you simply and your loved ones will devour is protected and clear.

Step 1

Run the ice maker straight away and discard the primary few ice cubes that you’re going to get from it. If you aren’t in a rush, attempt to run the ice maker for a time frame earlier than you devour the ice.

Why the necessity to do that? This is to take away the impurities from the water traces and to wash the within of the ice maker totally. Even if the fridge is model new, mud and grime might nonetheless have accrued inside it.

Step 2

For the primary 10 days, dispense ice from the ice maker each few hours. This is to ensure that there received’t be any clumping of ice in a single spot of the bucket. This can even assist distribute the ice within the bucket evenly. The ice maker will cease producing ice if there may be ice clumping on one facet of the bucket.

Step 3

Inspect the water traces which can be linked to the fridge. Since it’s newly put in, you need to ensure that there are not any leaks on the water traces.

How to Turn Off Bottom Ice Maker on Samsung Fridge

For new house owners of a Samsung fridge, it’s a bit complicated to make use of the underside ice maker. As a matter of reality, lots of people have been complaining about not realizing easy methods to flip off backside ice maker on Samsung fridge.

Let’s discuss easy methods to flip it on first. To do that, search for the “Ice Make” button positioned on the decrease proper a part of the management panel. Press and maintain for 3 seconds, and the ice maker will begin making ice. The “Off” LED lights will flip off as properly, indicating that the ice maker is already working.

To flip off the underside ice maker, press the “Ice Make” button once more and maintain for 3 seconds. The ice maker will cease making ice, and the “Off” LED lights will activate, which implies that the ice maker is turned off.

How to Turn Off Bottom Ice Maker on Samsung Fridge 2

About the Cubed and Crushed Ice Feature

One of one of the best options of the underside ice maker on a Samsung fridge is its means to give you cubed or crushed ice. This is fairly handy, because it permits you to have two forms of ice prepared for consumption at any given time.

How can we select the kind of ice that the ice maker will dispense? There are two buttons on the decrease a part of the management panel the place you possibly can select cubed or crushed ice. You simply should press no matter sort you need, and the button will mild up.

You should take be aware that in the event you switched from crushed ice to cubed ice, there is likely to be residual crushed ice produced on the ice maker. Do not freak out in the event you see one thing like this as it’s completely regular.

If you seen that the ice maker is producing crushed ice for a very long time when, the truth is, you already chosen cubed ice, ask for the assistance of a technician to take care of the issue professionally.

Troubleshooting a Samsung Ice Maker

When it involves electrical home equipment, Samsung is unquestionably probably the greatest producers on the earth. They usually are not solely identified for his or her cellphones and tv units but additionally many different dwelling home equipment that present comfort to households worldwide.

As is regular, issues would nonetheless happen whereas utilizing their home equipment. The Samsung ice maker, as an illustration, might not produce ice due to varied causes. If your ice maker continues to be pretty new, nevertheless it instantly malfunctioned and stopped producing ice, there are a number of strategies that you are able to do to troubleshoot the issue.

Check the Child Lock Feature

Most of Samsung fridge models has a toddler lock function that will stop kids from taking part in with the buttons of the ice maker. Basically, if the kid lock function is energetic, the buttons on the management panel received’t be usable, and the water or ice dispenser won’t work as properly.

Check the management panel if it has a Lock or Child Lock button. Then, press that button till you hear a chime. This signifies that the kid lock has been deactivated.

Here are the opposite button mixtures that you may contemplate if there isn’t a Lock or Child Lock button:

  • Ice Off: Hold the Ice Off button for about three seconds or up till you hear a chime. This will flip the kid lock function off. If you seen that the Ice Off indicator is lit, which means that the ice maker is already turned off. If you wish to flip it on, simply press the Ice Off button as soon as.
  • Lighting: Hold the Lighting button for about three seconds or till you hear a chime. This will point out that the kid lock operate is already launched.
  • Vacation and Fridge: If the primary two didn’t work, attempt urgent the Vacation and Fridge buttons on the similar time and wait till you hear a chime. This will point out that the kid lock function has been turned off.

Check the Ice Bucket

There are instances when ice would clump collectively and jam inside the bucket. Because of this, you’ll discover that the ice maker received’t be capable to produce any ice in any respect. The fridge will defrost robotically, which might soften the ice within the ice bucket.

Sure, it received’t soften utterly, however as soon as the fridge completed its defrosting course of and it began getting colder, the ice will clump collectively by the melted ice within the bucket. If this occurs, what are the issues you are able to do?

The very first thing to do is to examine the ice bucket and pull it out. If you see ice clumped collectively contained in the bucket, dump it and run the ice maker once more to make a brand new batch. If you aren’t meting out ice typically, flip the ice maker off in order that the ice received’t jam inside the bucket.

Take Note of the Water Pressure

Water strain can even impact the manufacturing of ice in your Samsung fridge. If you seen that your Samsung fridge isn’t producing ice, the subsequent factor to do is to examine the water strain.

First, you might want to dispense water in a measuring cup for about 10 seconds. If the water didn’t fill the cup inside 10 seconds, which means that you’ll have to enhance the water strain that’s going to your ice maker.

On the opposite hand, in the event you didn’t get any water from the dispenser, you’ll have to examine the water line if there’s a downside. There is likely to be a connection challenge or a blockage.

How to Turn Off Bottom Ice Maker on Samsung Fridge 3

Test the Ice Maker

This is an important operate that your Samsung fridge has, and it permits the ice maker to undergo its regular actions. The very first thing to do is to press and maintain the check button in your ice maker. Basically, the check button can both be on the facet or backside of your ice maker. You will hear a tone after urgent it, and one other tone can be launched to point that the ice maker is working simply nice.

Do not do an ice maker reset greater than as soon as inside 24 hours until the primary check fails otherwise you’ve by no means heard a tone after urgent the check button. If the primary check fails, you need to unplug the fridge from the socket and depart it unplugged for about two to 3 minutes. After that, plug it in and take a look at the check button once more.

If this step didn’t work and your ice maker continues to be not producing ice, you possibly can search for an skilled technician that can assist you take care of the problem. Don’t attempt to repeat the testing course of if it didn’t work the second time.

Look on the Ice Dispenser Opening

There are situations when the ice dispenser is clogged with ice, and you’ll have to clear the blockages. In this case, you’ll have to run heat water by the opening of the ice bucket to soften the clogged ice. Dry the ice bucket earlier than you set it again within the fridge.

If all of those steps failed and your fridge continues to be not producing any ice, the subsequent step is to name a technician to examine your Samsung fridge. There is an opportunity that the issue is extra sophisticated than you assume.

Why Should You Clean the Ice Maker Regularly

It’s good that you’re troubleshooting strategies to restore and keep the ice maker in your Samsung fridge, however you must also know the significance of normal cleansing. Let’s examine the principle the reason why you need to clear the ice maker frequently.

  • To Prevent Health Issues

This is the first motive why you need to clear the ice maker in your Samsung fridge frequently. You should keep in mind that the storage of ice cubes can turn into soiled over time, particularly in the event you let the ice keep contained in the storage for a very long time. Cleaning it a minimum of twice a month could be a good upkeep transfer for you.

  • To Prevent Ice From Clumping

If you clear your ice maker frequently, you possibly can efficiently stop the ice from clumping. Basically, when the ice clumps within the storage bin, the ice maker stops working as properly.

  • To Prevent Scale Buildup

The scale is the buildup of calcium and magnesium particles that may be discovered within the tubes of your ice maker. They often keep within the water distribution tubes in addition to evaporator plates. Water carries minerals and different sediments, and as soon as the temperature adjustments, the minerals that the water is carrying can be left on these tubes, thus creating scale.

Scale could cause pricey issues to your ice maker, and it’s not one thing that you simply wish to encounter. These may end up in oddly-shaped ice cubes and even smaller ones. The evaporator plates can even freeze right into a block of ice, which can result in damaged ones after a while.

Once scale begins to build up on the evaporator plate, it’s going to stop warmth switch in addition to the stream of water from going easily. Because of this, the ice cubes won’t correctly fall off from the evaporator, which can result in its odd form.

By cleansing the ice maker in your Samsung Fridge frequently, the buildup of scale could be prevented. This can be an excellent upkeep measure to ensure that your ice maker lasts for a very long time.


Using the ice maker in your Samsung fridge will show to be a wise transfer, however in the event you don’t have any concept easy methods to use it correctly, you’ll certainly expertise lots of issues. As a matter of reality, others discover that turning it on or off could be a little bit of an issue in the event you don’t understand how it’s performed.

You have to grasp easy methods to troubleshoot your ice maker too. This is to just remember to received’t should name and pay for a technician each time your ice maker isn’t producing ice. If you already know the right strategies to troubleshoot your ice maker, it can save you extra money and time.

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