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The Demonic Rhogar military is re-emerging from its darkish realm. Harkyn, a convicted prison rejected by society is the world’s final hope for salvation. Plunge into a quick paced motion RPG utilizing highly effective magic alongside a fancy and satisfying melee fight system.

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Character Build Guide

I actually loved this recreation so I made a decision to create a personality creation information to assist individuals out. Feedback is welcomed.

Magic Guide

Magic The first selection you make is choosing between three magic ability timber. Magic within the recreation compliments your most important assault; so far as I do know, you may’t create a personality construct that depends solely on magic . Casting magic often takes too lengthy and makes use of fairly a little bit of mana to ensure that it to be a most important assault. Each Magic ability tree has the Prayer ability. This creates a clone that may entice enemies and restores some well being, power or mana relying on the ability tree you chose. The downside with magic is that by mid to late recreation, you may be so robust and kill enemies with relative ease that magic as a result of considerably ineffective.

Brawler – This magic tree focuses on standing toe to toe along with your enemies and dispensing a whole lot of injury. This ability tree is often used with warriors.

Rage- Higher injury, assault energy and limitless power for a brief time frame. One of the stronger spells within the recreation. This is the last word boss killer. Use this ability, swap to your highest dealing weapon and begin wailing on the boss. This ability enhances the soldiers assaults completely.

Ram- Sends out a clone that prices on the enemy, dealing injury and staggers/stuns the enemy. The injury isn’t that nice so its main use is to knock down weaker opponents so you may run as much as them and get just a few extra pictures in. Its efficient within the early recreation however doesn’t grow to be too sensible afterward when enemies are more durable. This ability can also be ineffective towards bosses.

Quake- Sends a hammer down that does huge injury. On throughout good ability towards common enemies however not so efficient towards bosses except you need to take a whole lot of injury your self. It actually requires you to max this out and have a excessive religion to make it a sensible ability, in any other case you may simply skip this and lose little or no.

Deception – This magic tree is all about manipulating your environment to achieve a bonus. Most generally used with Rogues.

Shift – Allows you to be invisible to your enemies, attacking will do huge injury however you’ll take away your invisibility. This ability ONLY works if the enemy hasn’t seen you but. If they see you , it doesn’t matter when you run away or conceal behind any object, utilizing it won’t make you invisible to the enemy, you’ll nonetheless nonetheless be granted a injury increase. This ability doesn’t work on bosses both. This is a good ability if used correctly however has some drawbacks. Hitting an enemy does a whole lot of injury but when it doesn’t kill them then you’re left uncovered and the enemy can simply hit you just a few instances.

Mirror Image – Allows you to do double injury. An important ability for any class you decide. The solely draw back is, it doesn’t final very lengthy plus the particular results make it arduous to see your character

Stab- Like Ram it ship out a clone to assault an enemy inflicting injury and knocking them down. A totally maxed out Stab does a tone of injury and knocks the enemy over permitting you to get just a few extra hits in. This doesn’t work on massive enemies or bosses.

Solace- This ability tree is targeted on defensive talents. Making you proof against assaults. Typically used with clerics.

Shelter- Arguably essentially the most highly effective spell within the recreation. Heals you over time, elevated resistance and enemies additionally take injury once they assault you. Max this spell out. Try to have it working always.

Daze – Creates a clone that has an aura that slows enemies down. This is a good spell that may assist with any enemy that you simply discover annoying, the issue after all is attempting to lure the enemy near your clone to gradual it down. Does not work on bosses.

Punishment – Causes enemies to take appreciable injury once they assault you. This spell is nice to make use of towards bosses but it surely should be maxed out to be efficient.


Stat Bonuses +2 STR, + 4 VIT

Gear Longsword Heavy Shield Heavy Armor

Consumables 2 Health Potions 1 Ghost Merge Shard

Character Build: Typical magic used: Brawler (offensive) or Solace (defensive) Primary Stat: STR (30+) Secondary Stat: END (20+) Third Stat: VIT, FAITH (15 or 18)

The warriors most important attribute is STR. You ought to put about 60-70% of your stat factors in power. About 10-20% goes into END. You need about 20+ factors in END and your carry weight needs to be round 50 by the tip of the sport. Only just a few level in VIT ought to suffice, you’ll soak up a lot injury out of your gear that VIT isn’t that huge a deal. You both need 15 or 18 factors in Faith with the intention to improve your magic spells to both stage 2 or 3 relying on choice.

Gear: The extra bodily injury you soak up the higher. This kind of armor tends to be heavy so be sure to can deal with it. As for a weapon, I used to be going single handed with defend till I bought use to the enemy assault patterns. By mid to late recreation I used to be utilizing a 2 handed weapon as a result of it did extra injury and I might assault quicker.

Pros: Good beginning Class, one of many simpler lessons to play Requires little effort to kill enemies, simply swing your weapon till all people die Can soak up Massive Amounts of Damage making the sport really feel very trivial by mid to late recreation. Can give out huge quantities of injury relying on weapon Can hit a number of enemies with a single swing of an enormous weapon Can simply stagger opponents Can use the vast majority of weapons and armor Can simply kill mid to late recreation bosses

Cons: SLOW… actually gradual, when you like quick nimble characters….this construct isn’t for you Uses a whole lot of power per assault, I might swing my weapon 3-4 instances earlier than I utterly ran out. 2 instances If I used a heavy assault. Using a two handed stance means you swing quicker however forgo utilizing a defend, nonetheless you may soak up a whole lot of injury so its negligible. Low magic; can solely use gauntlet and magic sparingly.


Stat Bonuses +2 END +2 AGI +2 LUK

Gear Daggers Buckler Light Armor

Consumables Health Potions (x4) Energy Shard (x1)

Character Build: Typical magic used: Deception Primary Stat: AGL Secondary Stat: VIT Third: END, FAITH 15 to 18

In phrases of construct rogue could be very versatile. You might construct a rogue similar to a warrior with excessive END and heavy armor however reasonably than utilizing STR as your most important injury stat you employ AGL and use quicker weapons. If you’ve performed a warrior earlier than this wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it could be practically the very same character simply with quicker swinging, decrease injury weapons.

A standard rogue would focus extra on medium and lighter gear during which case VIT could be secondary stat to give attention to to be sure to can survive just a few hits. A carry weight of round 30 to 35 could be sufficient relying on gear. For weapons, I take advantage of no matter offers me essentially the most injury primarily based on my agility. You both need 15 or 18 factors in Faith with the intention to improve your magic spells to both stage 2 or 3 relying on choice.

Pro: High injury/assault to a single enemy Can deal with bosses simply early to mid recreation Moves/rolls and assaults very quick High Energy Incredibly satisfying to backstab enemies

Cons: Higher studying curve, requires you to essentially perceive enemy assault patters to dodge successfully Does much less general injury than warriors More problem killing bosses late recreation Not as many AGL primarily based weapons/defend as STR Low magic; can solely use gauntlet and magic sparingly


Stat Bonuses +2 VIT +4 FTH

Gear Hammer Medium Shield Medium Armor

Consumables Health Potions (x3) Magic Energy Shard (x1)

Character Build: Typical magic used: Solace Primary Stat: FAITH Secondary Stat: VIT and END

Clerics are extra of a “specialized” construct. High religion permits them to make use of the gauntlet extra steadily and use magic with out having to attend for mana to recharge. They have the bottom choice of weapons to select from. I put about 20 factors into END and VIT and the remaining went all into Faith. I didn’t notably like this character construct as a result of it performs too equally to a warrior however with out the injury output or the cool wanting weapons.

Pros: Can use gauntlet and magic extra freely Shelter spell lets you regenerate well being very quickly Can deal magic injury, preferrred for the traditional labrynth dlc Low studying curve All round good at killing bosses

Cons lowest injury output for almost all of the sport. Finding a late FAITH primarily based weapon will mitage this problem nonetheless. Gauntlet/Magic is extra a complimentary assault reasonably than a most important assault Lowest choice of weapons and shields

Luck and Runes

The attribute Luck is ineffective. Luck offers you a greater probability to drop runes. At luck 0 enemies already drop small runes consistenly. At luck 3 enemies have been dropping small runes nearly on a regular basis. I’m unsure how excessive it must be to get massive runes however its not value forgoing the additional stat factors in one other attribute. You can simply beat the sport with 0 luck and hardly miss something.

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