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Who needs to be burdened by the conventions and responsibilities of everyday life??? Not the Page of Wands—or as I like to call her, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl of the tarot. When inspiration strikes, she is ready to follow it wherever the adventure may take her…whether she’s staying up all night making costumes for her dogs to wear for her Victorian-themed calendar photo shoot or writing pages and pages of her quirky aliens-in-space romance novel or creating a Chopped-style recipe from the random mix of ingredients she picked up from the international candy aisle of the grocery store.

Inspiration has struck and she is consumed by it! That is, until she gets bored and finds brilliance in the next whim that strikes her fancy. And who knows what that might be? She sees the potential for fun in everything and she’s always finding new ways to channel her playfulness and idiosyncrasies through her technicolor, multifaceted sense of self-expression.

The Page of Wands Keywords

Enthusiasm, inspiration, new ideas, curiosity, following your impulses, adventurer

The Page of Wands Upright

What a time to be alive! The Page of Wands is bursting with enthusiasm for literally anything and everything that comes her way. She will ask you a million questions because she is genuinely curious about YOU—what you do, why you do it, where you came from, and how you got here. This Page’s curiosity and enthusiasm is infectious.

When we are in the Page of Wands’ presence, we are inspired to be more inquisitive and impulsive and say yes to every adventure that comes our way, even if we have no idea where it may take us. (The whole not-knowing part is why it’s so thrilling!) So take that idea you have been mulling over and see where it goes. Embrace wonder! Sure, this might be a failure, but it’s just as likely that it might be a success! You will only find out if you go for it.

The Page of Wands Reversed

It’s lovely to be wildly inspired and want to embark upon a new creative path, but you won’t get very far if you can’t commit to an endeavor for more than five minutes. It’s not cute to be flaky, my darling! Sit down and stay awhile. Everything has a honeymoon phase—not just in romance but in business endeavors too! The thrill of the beginning may wear off, but if you want to make something more substantial happen, you are going to have to have some follow-through here to go beyond the initial spark.

Spend a little bit more time developing your idea, and focus on nurturing it into something more tangible. If your initial conception is not working, take what you have learned from your first attempt (this is by no means a failure!) and try a different approach. Don’t let fears and anxieties get in your way or slow you down from creating the stuff of your dreams. You can’t force inspiration, but you can push past your own limiting beliefs.

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