Remedies for itchy skin all over


You understand the sensation: There’s that spot in your arm, leg or again that simply itches and begs for a deep, satisfying scratch. However you already know that giving in to that need will solely lead to extra issues. Certain, scratching provides you with some fast reduction however it’ll additionally go away your pores and skin crimson, irritated and the itching will return.

Happily, there are methods you may soothe these itchy irritations with residence cures, no prescription required. Dermatologist Shilpi Khetarpal, MD, offers us the low-down on what is likely to be inflicting your itchy pores and skin and how one can deal with it.

Reading: Remedies for itchy skin all over

Causes of itchy pores and skin

One large reason for itchy pores and skin is a change within the climate, significantly as we shift to winter and the nice and cozy, humid air of summer time makes method for cooler, drier air.

Along with your pores and skin already drying out because of drier air, she says, we’re typically those making it a bit worse. “When you turn on your heat at home during the winter, that pulls more moisture out of your skin,” Dr. Khetarpal says. “Dry skin flares with the change of seasons.”

Whereas the climate is commonly the wrongdoer for dry pores and skin, she provides that it’s not essentially at all times accountable. “Eczema can be a common cause, when you get red, scaly patches of skin on the front of your elbow, back of the knee or even your hands,” she says.

Yet another reason for dry, itchy pores and skin may be your cleaning soap. “Not all soaps are created equal,” Dr. Khetarpal factors out, “and some have antibacterial components or fragrances which can irritate your skin and dry it out even more.”

Can residence cures really work?

The excellent news is that there are numerous choices for getting dry pores and skin reduction that don’t require a go to to the physician or a prescription. That doesn’t essentially imply they’ll give you the results you want however they’re all price giving a go.

Use a humidifier

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Working a humidifier at night time when you sleep through the winter is an effective way to return moisture to your pores and skin, Dr. Khetarpal says.

Cool off within the bathe

It’s possible you’ll be an enormous fan of lengthy, scorching showers, significantly when it’s chilly outdoors, however Dr. Khetarpal advises making the expertise a bit milder. “Just like the heat running in your house can pull out moisture from your skin, the heat from a very hot shower can do the same,” she says. “Try keeping your shower set to a lukewarm level.”


Whereas utilizing moisturizer could seem apparent, there are nonetheless a number of tips to remember. First, make sure you apply proper after a bathe. “Pat dry after your lukewarm shower and apply the moisture within three to five minutes. That helps trap the water in your skin,” Dr. Khetarpal says.

It’s additionally essential what kind of moisturizer you employ, she provides. “Look for moisturizers with ingredients like ceramide.” An over-the-counter ingredient that’s typically marketed for eczema remedy, she says it helps restore your pores and skin limitations and lure that water in your pores and skin.

Colloidal oatmeal

No, we’re not speaking concerning the breakfast staple. We’re speaking about one other ingredient you will discover in moisturizers. The ingredient delivers vitamins, nutritional vitamins and proteins to your pores and skin for a soothing impact. Simply be cautious of moisturizers that additionally comprise dyes or fragrances as these can irritate your pores and skin.

Chilly press

A chilly press – like a chilly, damp washcloth or an ice pack wrapped in a towel – can assist for spots of eczema or dry pores and skin by reducing the itch. “The cold distracts your nerves,” explains Dr. Khetarpal. “That helps prevent the cycle of scratching and further inflaming your itchy skin.”


Over-the-counter hydrocortisone can assist, Dr. Khetarpal says, however there are limits. “The topical ointments you can get are 1% hydrocortisone. It’s a good start, especially for spots on the face and neck, but it’s not usually strong enough for all areas of the body. In most cases, you’d need a prescription-strength steroid.”


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Over-the-counter antihistamines like Benadryl®, Zyrtec® and Claritin® can assist however, like over-the-counter hydrocortisone, solely up to a degree. “Those medications, generally associated with seasonal allergies, can help reduce itching associated with eczema,” says Dr. Khetarpal. “But some have a sedating effect and they need to be used as part of a combination therapy. You’d still need other treatments like a humidifier or moisturizer because these medications alone won’t solve your issue.”

What cures must you keep away from?

There are some cures that will seem to be a good suggestion however must be prevented in favor of any of the cures listed above.

Moisturizers with fragrances

As Dr. Khetarpal identified, fragrances and dyes in moisturizers may cause extra irritation for some than soothing these dry, itchy patches.

Aloe vera

Whereas aloe vera might be soothing for sunburns, you shouldn’t depend on it for dry, itchy pores and skin. “It generally has fragrances and preservatives for a longer shelf life that can cause more trouble,” says Dr. Khetarpal. “And there’s not a lot of scientific data that shows it actually helps itchy skin. It’s more for temporary relief for sunburns.”

Apple cider vinegar

Whilst you could come throughout apple cider vinegar as a possible residence treatment in net searches, it’s one to keep away from, says Dr. Khetarpal. “Vinegar is acidic and might really make issues rather a lot worse

When does itchy pores and skin turn out to be a significant issue?

At what level does is your itchy pores and skin, although, the signal of one thing extra critical? For Dr. Khetarpal, these signs are undoubtedly price talking to your physician about.

  • Generalized itching: in case your itching is felt throughout – not simply in particular spots – and felt always whatever the season or time of day.
  • Prolonged itching: if it’s been greater than 4 weeks of attempting these residence cures and there’s nonetheless not reduction.
  • Seen rash: in case your rash is crimson and scaly, extra than simply dry pores and skin.
  • Bleeding and ache: in case your pores and skin is cracked and bleeding and inflicting sufficient ache to get up through the night time.

In case you’re experiencing a number of of those, attain out to your healthcare supplier as quickly as attainable.

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