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Medically reviewed by Alastair Lockwood on 20 November 2020

Fashion no longer has to be restricted to just your hair, make-up and clothing. Coloured contact lenses are also a fun and easy way to change your look. Available in both prescription and non-prescription, coloured contacts are perfect for day-to-day styles or for seasonal holidays like Halloween. People with lighter coloured eyes are lucky enough that most coloured lenses will show up on their eyes, people with darker eyes, however, need to be more picky in choosing the right lenses. When using some coloured lenses, the tint can be too sheer and a lot of the natural colour of the iris will show through, diluting the colour of the lens. Darker eyes need a more opaque lens for the colour to show more vividly. We examine the best coloured contact lenses for dark eyes.

What are coloured contact lenses?

Coloured lenses are the same as regular contact lenses except they have a coloured film added to the inner area of the lens to change the colour of the eye. The very centre is left clear so you can see through them. Even if you have perfect vision, you can still enjoy coloured lenses as they are also available without prescription.

Do coloured contacts work on dark eyes?

Yes, coloured contacts work on dark eyes, but you’ll need to choose a more opaque lens for the colour to show through your iris. Less opaque lenses will make a noticeable difference and can be used for a more natural change.

Will blue contacts work on brown eyes?

Blue contact lenses will work on brown eyes if they are vibrant enough. Depending on the lens and the particular shade of blue, the shade of blue will look different. FreshLook Colors offers some of the most vibrant colour shades which includes Blue and Sapphire Blue. For an equally vibrant, but more natural and blended look, opt for FreshLook Colorblends in Brilliant Blue or True Sapphire.

Which colour contacts are best for dark brown eyes?

If you’re looking for a vivid yet natural look, Air Optix Colors contact lenses can be used monthly and come in 12 different colours. These opaque contacts will enhance your eye colour in a natural way. As with all monthly lenses, these can be stored in lens solution at night to be used again the next day. Air Optix are a silicone hydrogel lens and offer a greater level of comfort, particularly for those who suffer from dry eye.

The coloured lens offers a higher level of oxygen to enter the eye and an added layer of moisture and hydration.

Another option for darker eyes are the FreshLook Colors contact lenses which come in 6 shades. These monthly contacts offer a strong colour pay off and are suitable for an everyday lift to your eyes or something more dramatic for a night out.

Which colour suits you will depend on your hair and skin tone, as well as the look you’re trying to achieve. Our guide on how to choose the right coloured contacts for you will help you find the right coloured contacts for you.

What colour contacts does Kylie Jenner Wear?

Kylie Jenner has become style icon thanks to her famous family’s reality tv show and her own incredible social media following. Kylie is known for wearing many different styles and fashion, and the same can be said for her beauty routine. She has mostly been seen in lenses that make her dark eyes appear lighter. To imitate Kylie Jenner’s look when wearing contact lenses, we suggest wearing a lens like Air Optix Colors in Sterling Grey or Hazel. Air Optix Colors not only offers incredible comfort due to its silicone hydrogel makeup, it’s 3 in 1 colour mix will ensure that you get a noticeable, but natural looking colour change like Kylie Jenner’s contact lenses. A cheaper, but equally great choice is FreshLook Colorblends, which can be purchased in similar colours. Get Kylie Jenner’s contact lenses for a more affordable price with FreshLook Colorblends.

Below are the most accurate depictions of what coloured contact lenses look on dark eyes with FreshLook Colorblends and comfi Colors. These were taken in Feel Good Contacts Studio.

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