The New Beats Fit Pro Earbuds Are Perfect for Your Workouts

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There’s always been a problem with classic earbuds in the gym. You know it, too—especially if you’ve ever done a power clean or a box jump, or spent 45 seconds in attack mode on the Ski Erg.

Especially on the Erg, which requires a vicious-as-anything motion that’s destined to redline your heart rate in seconds, your earbuds almost never survive. They fall out at some point and wind up on the floor, leaving you with a decision: Do you continue going hard sans music, or do you stop and pick your earbuds, ruining the flow of your workout?

It’s not a decision you should have to make. But until now, you had limited ways to solve your problem. Thanks to the new Beats Fit Pro earbuds, though, you have a solution. And while these latest fitness earbuds aren’t flawless, they’re as close to perfection as a fitness-focused earbud has come so far. And your ears (and workouts) will love them, especially if you’ve been dying to go hard on that Erg.

It’s All About the Ear Loop

Beats has been here before, of course, because no company understands the fitness earbud quite like this one. It’s been over a decade since Beats teamed up with LeBron James to release the PowerBeats, a wired earbud that, at the time, was one of the first fitness-focused personal sound solutions that actually made sense. The Powerbeats took a classic earbud and added an ultra-secure loop around the ear, making it just aesthetic enough to be tolerable, and finally opening the door for you to enjoy sound during a workout no matter what.

Then, a few years ago, came the Beats Powerbeats Pro model, fully wireless buds that essentially contained the same loop. And until now, those have been the standard for gym-focused earbuds. I could always trust that they’d stay in my ears during workouts.

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But while those loops worked, they weren’t perfect. Worn for hours on end, they’d leave my ears a little bit sore. It was a small price to pay for the comfort and security of the buds, of course, but there was room for improvement.

Beats’ new Fit Pro earbuds are that improvement. The loop no longer wraps around your outer ear; instead, Beats uses a flexible wing tip to secure the buds inside your ears. And while it wasn’t a system that I wanted to trust initially (too many bad nightmares of failed buds on the Ski Erg), it’s more than held up in my week or so of wear.

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The Wingtip Gives These Buds Freedom

The wingtip allows Beats to do two things. First off, by doing away with the oversized loop, Beats no longer delivers the largest fitness earbuds on the planet. For everything I loved about my Powerbeats Pro buds (and they’ll remain my gym backup for now, because they’re my old reliable), their overall size meant I was stuck with a massive charging case that didn’t fit, well, anywhere. On the other hand, you can fit your Airpods in your back jeans pocket. You wouldn’t do that with the Powerbeats Pros.

You will do that with Beats Fit Pro, though, because the slimmer buds come with a new, low-profile charging case. The case is skinny and small enough to fit into a front jeans pocket without stretching your pants, and it can easily fit in a coat. This is a tiny USB-C charging case. The only mild disappointment here is that there are no wireless charging capabilities. Not that you’ll charge them often; the Beats Fit Pro earbuds deliver a whopping 27 hours of battery life. I’ve yet to come close to being nearly empty on these buds.

In addition to that low-profile freedom, obviously, there’s the fit—and these buds are tremendously comfortable.

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Beats Fit Pro Rarely Slips Out

I was highly skeptical that the Beats Fit Pro would hang with me through most workouts, mostly because aside from my Powerbeats, I’d rarely enjoyed a reliable workout experience with earbuds.

A few weeks ago, I lost my Powerbeats, so I switched between Beats’ Studio Buds and Airpods for my training. During that time, I got incredibly used to having my earbuds drop out of my ears at the worst times. I’d jump up to a bar for hanging ab exercises and lose my left earbud. I’d finish a set of heavy sumo deadlifts and lose the right one. Once, during walking lunges, the left one fell out, I ignored it for three reps, and then the right bud joined it.

This wasn’t a flaw of any of the buds, of course; they weren’t specifically designed for fitness. However, the Beats Fit Pros are—and they proves up to the task. I’ve tried it in a variety of scenarios and become increasingly impressed.

The Fit Pros stay firmly in my ears during hanging exercises, and it hasn’t come close to falling out even when I sprint on a manual treadmill. Heavy touch-and-go deadlifts, too, are the perfect test for any pair of earbuds, because every time you return the bar to the ground, your body feels and absorbs plenty of reverberation. I recently did a set of eight reps at 315 pounds, specifically, to test these buds.

On the eighth rep, they were still in my ears. And not just that: They hadn’t even loosened slightly. Point blank, the design works.

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The Sound Experience is Top-Notch, Too

This fit is augmented by some of the best sound you’ll get in an earbud. One key point the new style improves on over the Powerbeats is the placement of sound: The earbuds themselves seem to sit deeper in the ear canal, so you get a stronger seal and more focused sound.

That, coupled with a host of features, helps make this a taut and impressive sound experience. Bass is potent, but it doesn’t come at the expense of higher-end detail; sounds like Fallout Boy’s “Invincible” sound great and impactful.

Meanwhile, a host of software features push these earbuds to the next level. There’s active noise cancelation at the push of a button, and there’s also a Transparency mode that does the exact opposite, allowing you to be hyper-aware of the world around you. It’s great if you train with a lifting partner. Head-tracking tech helps adjust the sound no matter your body position or setup.

Other quality-of-life improvements keep the Fit Pros current. Like most Apple devices, pairing with another Apple device is a snap; you just hold it near your phone in pairing mode and an icon pops up. That level of simplicity remains elusive in the Android world, but Apple continues to dominate here.

Paired with an iPhone or Apple Watch, Fit Pro does plenty of other good things, too, even reading your text messages when they come in and responding to your “Hey, Siri,” exhortations. There’s also push-button control of these functions, although this is almost too sensitive. A few times, I tapped a Fit Pro bud, just to make sure it wasn’t falling out of my ear (it wasn’t). That subtle tap is generally enough to pause your song. And yes, that can be a bit disruptive.

And, the Security Is Excellent.

The best part remains this, though: the Fit Pros just don’t fall out of your ears. In one week of using them, a bud fell out exactly one time, after I’d done a series of deadlifts and gone right to a series of pull-ups, a vicious sequence that had me changing levels several times.

Aside from that, the Fit Pros have survived everything, from Tabata intervals on the Ski Erg to all those deadlifts. A bunch of times, I’ve let my head thud back onto a bench, heavy weights in my hand, a situation where lesser buds have fallen out in the past. Nothing here.

Simply put, the Beats Fit Pros plain work—and they work better than any low-profile earbud before it in the gym.

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