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The 4 seasons of the yr in the US – spring, summer time, fall, and winter – are what determines climate, hours of daylight, and ecology all year long. In 2022, these are the astronomical dates and instances for the beginning of every season:

  • Spring: March 20, at 3:33 P.M.
  • Summer season: June 21, at 10:14 A.M.
  • Fall: September 23, at 2:04 A.M.
  • Winter: December 21, at 9:48 P.M.

The instances correspond to the Japanese Time (ET) time zone and can differ in numerous states.

As a result of the US is positioned on the Northern Hemisphere of the planet, the rule of thumb is that the months of spring by to summer time have the most popular temperatures, whereas the climate will get colder throughout fall and winter.

Nonetheless, this can be a huge nation with a couple of totally different areas, which signifies that there are three climatic zones in America. States reminiscent of California, Florida, Arizona, and Texas are often heat all yr spherical. Then again, locations like New York, New England, Washington, and the Midwest have extra distinct seasonal modifications all year long.


Spring begins on March 20 or 21 and lasts till June 20 or 21.

The primary day of spring occurs on the spring equinox, which marks the astronomical starting of spring. Meteorologically, spring begins on March 1st.

This season comes after winter and earlier than summer time, is characterised by the temperatures warming and the times getting longer. It’s throughout spring that crops begin blossoming for the summer time.

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Summer season

Summer season lasts from June 20 or 21 till September 22 or 23, which locations it between spring and fall.

That is the warmest of the months, the place temperatures soar, and when there are extra hours of daylight, as the times are longer than the evenings. In the US, some areas have heat, humid climate, whereas in different areas the times are extremely popular and arid.

The primary day of summer time is marked by the summer time solstice, which corresponds to the astronomical starting of summer time.


Fall begins on September 22 or 23 and ends on December 21 or 22.

Throughout this season, temperatures begin dropping, and the nights begin getting longer once more. Also referred to as autumn, in the US fall will get its title due to the leaves on the bushes that start altering colours and falling.

In some states, the panorama completely modifications throughout fall, with greenery being changed by shiny reds and oranges.

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Winter begins on December 21 or 22, lasting by to March 20 or 21, falling proper between fall and spring.

In winter the climate will get colder, with some areas getting temperatures as little as 3 °F, and the nights grow to be longer than the times. Most of the Northern states get snow all through the season.

The official starting of winter falls on the winter solstice.

The Seasons of the 12 months Defined

The four seasons of the year shown around a globe.

There may be an concept that summer time is hotter than the opposite seasons as a result of it occurs when the Earth is nearer to the solar, and that when the Earth is furthest from the solar, that is when winter happens. That is false!

What controls the seasons is the Earth’s axis, an imaginary pole that crosses the planet from prime to backside, on which the Earth spins, making one full spin every day.

This axis is tilted, and when the Earth orbits across the solar all year long, totally different components of the planet obtain the Solar’s direct daylight. Which means when the North Pole is tilted in direction of the Solar, it’s summer time within the Northern Hemisphere, and when it’s tilted away from the solar, that is when it does not get as a lot mild and warmth, which causes winter and fall.

Astronomical vs Meteorological First Days of the Seasons

As a result of most individuals observe the astronomical begin of the seasons, not many know that there’s additionally a meteorological starting of the seasons.

The distinction is easy, the astronomical seasons go by the Earth’s place in relation to the Solar, whereas meteorological seasons comply with the temperature cycle.

For example, in 2021, the summer time’s astronomical began is June 20, however its meteorological began is June 1.

The Seasons within the Southern Hemisphere

The totally different seasons occur at totally different instances within the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. So, when it’s summer time in the US (Northern Hemisphere) it’s winter in Australia (Southern Hemisphere).

These are the dates for the totally different seasons within the Southern Hemisphere in 2022:

  • Fall: Begins on March 20 or 21, and ends on June 20 or 21.
  • Winter: Begins on June 20 or 21, and lasts till September 22 or 23.
  • Spring: Goes from September 22 or 23 till December 21 or 22.
  • Summer season: Begins on December 21 or 22, and lasts till March 20 or 21.

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