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An IP address is the unique string of numbers that is assigned by your Internet Service Provider to you. Each network has a separate IP address. If someone knows your IP address your privacy and security could be at risk. Find out what can someone do with your IP address, and what you can do about it.

What can someone do with your IP address?

What can someone do with your IP address

A layman cannot do anything with your IP address, but a hacker can surely use it. Hackers can use it to:

  1. Breach your privacy
  2. Hack your device
  3. Impersonate you
  4. Make a DDoS attack
  5. Do illegal activities using your IP

Let’s get into the details of each way a hacker can use your IP.

1] Breach your privacy

In today’s world. privacy is extremely costly. With the IP address, a hacker can find your location, track your internet activity, and know what you are doing on the internet and use it against you. A hacker may completely destroy your privacy using the IP address.

2] Hack your device

A hacker can certainly use your IP address to hack your device. For every IP address, there are thousands of ports. The hacker may use hacking skills to trace your port and hack your device, to get hold of your data.

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3] Impersonate you

A hacker may use your IP address to impersonate you on the internet. The hacker can steal your personal details from the internet service providers using the IP and may sell the data on the dark web.

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4] Make a DDoS attack

A hacker can carry out a DoS attack or a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack your devices with your IP address. A DDoS attack uses numerous computers to send traffic to your devices that disconnects your device from the internet and shuts down completely.

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5] Carry out illegal activities using your IP

Hackers are famous for using IP addresses obtained illegally to do illegal things like attacking governments, stealing money, and data, or threatening the security of nations. IP addresses are sensitive and they shouldn’t be revealed to anyone.

These are the different instances where a hacker can use your IP address to act against you.

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How can someone know your IP address?

People can know your IP address in many ways. They can find it by borrowing your devices, from emails, sending links to click, hacking your router, making you click on ads, online forums, social networks, etc.

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Should I be worried if someone has my IP address?

If a normal person knows your IP address, it is not a big deal. But leaking it to someone unwanted like a hacker can be harmful in many ways. You need to protect your IP address by using a VPN, using a firewall, etc.

How to hide my IP address on the internet?

You should use a VPN software, TOR browser or a Proxy to hide your IP address on the internet. There are also other precautions like hiding your IP address when sending an email, using Internet Privacy Software, etc.

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