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Video What is a silk press on natural hair

In case you usually flat iron your naturally curly hair at residence then all about silk presses, a short lived coiffure that takes these outcomes and elevates them to glossier—and sure, silkier—heights. “A silk press makes natural hair very straight, shiny, silky, and soft,” says hairstylist and colorist Chrissy Zemura. “It gives a lot of body and movement without using a relaxer or the chemicals that straighten hair.”

Although achievable at residence with the correct instruments, approach, and merchandise, there’s nonetheless a motive that hair professionals specialize within the silk press approach and supply it in-salon, since there’s 4 main steps to it. Forward, find out how a professional performs a silk press, the best way to make the type last more, and what it is best to know earlier than reserving an appointment.

What Is a Silk Press?

“The procedure has been around for a very long time, but the name came from a play on words: pressing the hair with a flat iron to make it silky smooth,” explains Zemura. “It is temporary and hair will revert back to its natural state.”

How To Do a Silk Press

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Based on the hairstylist, there are 4 steps to creating the kind of shiny, bouncy silk presses that pop up on the Instagram Discover web page. First, get away the deep cleansers. “Hair must be thoroughly washed to remove any product buildup and dirt. This will allow you to get a silk press with body and movement,” says Zemura, who recommends utilizing a clarifying shampoo like O&M’s Unique Detox Shampoo.

The subsequent step—deep conditioning—plugs moisture again into the equation and ends in that jaw-dropping silk press shine in a while. “Hair must be well conditioned and hydrated before any heat process. This will help your silk press reach its full potential,” provides the stylist. “A deep-conditioning treatment should be on the hair for at least 15 minutes with a hot towel or a steaming cap, then rinsed off with cool water to seal the cuticle. This locks in all the good ingredients and allows your hair to lay flatter.”

The warmth instruments come after that, starting with a deep and hydrated blow-dry. “When blow-drying your hair, you want to make sure you get the hair—roots to ends—bone dry. There should not be any moisture left on the hair,” Zemura continues.

The preliminary blow-dry is when it is best to start incorporating brushes, warmth protectants, and hydrating mists as effectively: “Depending on the curl type you’re working on, you can use various brushes. When working with 4a through 4c I use a paddle brush, but when working with 3c and below I use a large round brush,” she says. Whereas Zemura notes that refraining from packing on an excessive amount of product is “the secret to achieving a lightweight silk press,” she nonetheless says a warmth protectant is “non-negotiable” because it shields hair from warmth instruments, and {that a} gentle hydrating mist “gives the hair a natural shine and hydration without weighing the hair down.”

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Now could be time for the precise “press” itself, the place you or your stylist will construct upon your wholesome, hydrated, and heat-protected base. “I always recommend people to use flat irons with titanium plates,” provides Zemura. “These distribute heat more evenly than ceramic or other flat irons.”

On the finish, what separates a well-performed silk press from a so-so one—and what you need to be searching for out of your stylist—is how your hair feels afterwards. “The hair should have lots of body and movement,” Zemura notes. “A silk press shouldn’t be stiff!”

How Do You Preserve a Silk Press?

Right here’s the excellent news: in spite of everything that, Zemura says that your silk press can final “with proper care” as much as two to 3 weeks. However as with every straightened type, you’ll want to issue within the climate. “It all depends on a person’s lifestyle and the climate,” she says. “I don’t recommend getting a silk press when there’s over 25% humidity—it will be a waste of time and money.”

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Decrease your hair’s publicity to water general, too. “I suggest wrapping the hair at night, wearing a shower cap—definitely no swimming!” Zemura provides. Naturally, this implies washing your hair will eliminate the type, too, although Zemura factors out that “you receive a good wash before your silk press” and 4a by way of 4c curl sorts are much less more likely to really feel oily in comparison with 3c and beneath.

Silk Press Hair Ideas

These aren’t the one kernels of stylist knowledge to remember upon getting a silk press—or earlier than you even have one. And if you would like a silk press so shiny it may catch a satellite tv for pc’s consideration, you’ll want to think about the way you’re caring for your hair earlier than you plop down in a stylist’s chair. “Ultimately, healthy hair can achieve that beautiful shine. So one should make sure that their hair is healthy and hydrated in order to get the best out of their silk press,” says Zemura.

Likewise, your hair must be “double the width of the flat iron” in size to realize a silk press, she notes. This finally ends up being vital later if you wish to contact up your silk press by yourself: “You could lightly press the hair on low heat after a week or so if you think it needs it, using a heat protectant of course.”

Crucial recommendation to recollect, although? “A silk press is one thing to do from time to time to change up your type,” says Zemura. “It’s not a bi-weekly salon appointment—that is the place harm can occur.”

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